Paranoia and “hybris syndrome” in Donald Trump

Among the “losers of globalization” in the US, in addition to African-Americans and Latinos, indebted university students and white adults over 45 years of age without university studies and with jobs with low added value appear for the first time, after being enrolled in the ranks of the unemployed. , they would have ended up plunged into an explosive circle of depression, alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide after seeing the blackbird of the “American dream” disappear, which would have had as a collateral effect the disaffection of these segments of the white population with respect to the traditional Democratic and Republican establishment. Thus, according to an NBC survey, 54% of the white population would be “angry with the system,” compared to 43% of Latinos and 33% of African Americans who continue to trust the American dream, which would have led White voters to support politically incorrect positions and refractory to the dictates of Donald Trump’s traditional republican establishment, symbolized by the support of outraged whites over 45 years of age for Trump and of the neo-Nazi and white supremacist parties that continue to control the spheres of power of “deep America”.

Paranoia and hybris syndrome in Donald Trump

The Spanish psychiatrist Enrique González Duro in his book La paranoia (1991 *), affirms that “the triggers of this disease are very active in individuals who present a pronounced narcissism and who have been exposed to serious frustrations, consequently being endowed with low self-esteem ”. Donald Trump’s personality would fit fully into the medical description of the disorder known as paranoid psychosis because his thinking is rigid and incorrigible: he does not take into account the opposite reasons, he only collects data or signs that confirm the prejudice to turn him into conviction and even if he is afflicted with such delusional disorder it would be quite functional and does not tend to show strange behavior except as a direct result of the delusional idea (read the construction of the Wall with Mexico). In the specific case of Trump, we would be facing a typical case of megalomaniac paranoia, delusion of greatness that causes the individual to create himself endowed with extraordinary talent and power because the deities have chosen him for a high mission (restoring the White Power in a society in which demographic evolution will cause the white population to be a minority in the 2,043 scenario).

Trump’s paranoia would have been aggravated by being affected by the so-called “hydris syndrome” cited by the English doctor and politician David Owen in his work “The Hybris Syndrome: Busch, Blair ant the Intoxication of Power”. This term comes from the Greek word “hybris” which means excess and in his work, Owen defines it as “the exaggerated self-confidence of politicians when they reach power brings with it the Subject’s excessive self-confidence, exacerbated pride and rebuff before others, and may lead to abuse of power (autocracy) and the temptation to harm the lives of others. ” Another trait would be histrionics that impels him to “attract public attention and be reckless in his statements without caring about the opinion of others due to his evident lack of morality”, which would be his advice to use disinfectant to cure the coronavirus.

Can COVID-19 end Trump’s dystopia?

The theory of the Black Swan was developed by Nicholas Taleb in his book “The Black Swan (2010) in which he tries to explain” the psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the strange event in the historical issues ”, which would explain Trump’s frivolization of the coronavirus and his delay in adopting surgical measures in the main centers of transmission of the coronavirus in the USA. This would have exacerbated the effects of the pandemic in the United States in the form of a trickle of the dead, the collapse of medical services, the paralysis of productive activity and the recession of the United States economy.

Likewise, the collapse of the oil price would have caused nearly 200 bankruptcy declarations of companies dedicated to shale with an accumulated debt of nearly $ 120 billion that will subsequently affect the income statement of large banks such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo and that could lead to a new financial crisis in the future. On the other hand, the inaction of the companies would have triggered a stratospheric increase in unemployment (26 million unemployed), which together with the Wall Street stock market crash could dilute the beneficial effects of Donald Trump’s economic policy and cause the disaffection of the population segment of its voters (40% of the electorate) in the next Presidential elections in November.

Thus, the traumatic shock that the coronavirus pandemic will generate in American society and the subsequent recession of its economy will force a profound catharsis and metanoia of society as a whole, which will cause the fundamentals that underpin it to be revised. The metanoia would be to transform the mind to adopt a new way of thinking, with new ideas, new knowledge and an entirely new attitude in the face of the emergence of the new pandemic scenario, which will imply the double connotation of physical movement (retracing the path followed) and psychological ( change of mentality after discarding the old prevailing stereotypes). This will have as beneficial effects the rediscovery of values ​​such as respect for the environment, solidarity and equal rights in a new stage that will lead to the implementation of new renewable energy, basic income, unemployment benefits as well as healthcare Universal Public, a stage that will symbolize the end of the Trump dystopia and the reissue of the Rooseveltian “New Deal”.


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