What Zagreb& Berlin don’t want you to know about Croatian “courageous liberation” war against Krajina Serbs in 95

EDITORIAL: In summer of 1995, “under the shadows” of so called “Srebrenica genocide”- Croatian army, fully supported by the German logistics and US military support, launched the biggest ethnic cleansing operation in Europe since WWII, against Serbian minority population in “Knin’ Krajina” region. In just couple days they completely ethnically cleansed and expelled over 250,000 innocent Serbian civilians.

During the US sponsored Croatian genocidal operation Storm, in summer of 1995, even the small Serbian children were “fair game” for the bloodthirsty Croat “soldiers”…

Only the elderly, sick and disabled people, who weren’t able (or decided to die at their doorstep) to run away, stayed behind. 90% of them (at least 3,000 defenseless people- even their pets) were brutally killed at their doorsteps, many of them tortured, raped and burned alive. That all happend under the watch of the international (read: Western) community; The “military operation”, which was directly supervised by the US military advisors and CIA operatives was broadcasted directly at Pentagon via live feed. This genocidal “military” operation was named Storm.

Krajina was supposed to be protected “Safe Haven”, as per its UN designation- conveniently, prior to this slaughter UN contingent was pulled out of Krajina, clearing the way for another unpunished (Pro)Western mega-crime in the Balkans.

    On this picture you can see Croatian “soldier” torturing and humiliating 85 year old Serbian woman by pulling and squeezing her nose. This incident took place in rural area of Krajina’ city Vojnic, in August 1995. Couple moments later the same “soldier” pulled down poor woman’s veil and dragged her over the ground by pulling her hair.

Her only guilt- she was born Serb…

Another defenseless elderly Serbian man savagely murdered at his “doorstep” in Krajina region in 1995, by the Croatian “soldiers”. His dog was lucky and survived, unlike many other “Serbian pets”…

Most people wouldn’t understand such hatred, but it’s rooted and well historically documented, in unpunished (and unchallenged) Croatian Nazi past from WWII. According to historians, Croatian Nazi concentration camps ran by the Croatian SS brand called “Ustasha”, specifically created for Serbs and Jews, were more savage and brutal than German ran: Mauthausen and Auschwitz- even producing proportionally (to population) higher number of murdered people. At least 900,000 thousands of Croatian and Bosnian Serbs perished there…

The poor old woman from the featured image (un)luckily died couple months later, probably from a hunger, and most likely- from shame and fear. All her Serbian neighbors were already- either expelled, or killed. Upon, achieving their WWII “Nazi Dream” by getting rid of almost entire Serbian people (who, prior to WWII were making 40% of Croatian population) and thus achieving the status (of which average Croatian citizen is today very proud) of the most ethnically cleansed European state- Croatia was accepted, with the great German support (probably payback for WWII “favors”), as the newest & “prospective” EU member…


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  • Slaven Arkaimovski

    Write something about french fascist mercinerie Jean Michele Nicoliere,he is not amoung this materials,even he should be as the bastard who has participated in the murder of the yugoslavian citizens.PS:I have see on youtube Mr Atkinson,and his book fascist europe rising,and on google Canadian Veritas.They all have proves of the croatian crimes,so use it against them.


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