Albanian crimes against Serbian children in Kosovo still go unpunished- 17 years after Gorazdevac massacre..

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The murder of Serbian children in Gorazdevac, Kosovo and Metohia

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The crime in Gorazdevac refers to the murder of two Serbian boys: Ivan Jovovic and Pantelija Dakic and four other children having received serious wounds: Dragana Srbljak, Djordje Ugrenovic, Bogdan Bukmirovic and Marko Bogicevic. This crime was committed by members of former Albanian terrorist group, so called the Liberation Army of Kosovo (KLA). Their aim was to threaten Serbian people and conduct ethnic cleansing of this part of Kosovo.

This crime happened on August 13, 2003 at the coast of river Bistrica near Serbian village Gorazdevac in the vicinity of town Pec in the western part of Metohija.

This terrific crime remained unsolved although high prize was offered to anyone who helped to find perpetrators. EULEX representatives gave up from investigation during which 75 witnesses were examined who gave unspecific and poor statements, so this case…

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