Lopez: Biden and Soros on the hunt for “white whale”

FBReporter contributor Germán López Gorraiz (1957-) is a Spanish economical and geopolitical analyst who writes for several Spanish and Latino American journals such as ”Tribuna de Navarra”. He lives in Navarra, Spain.

Joe Biden’s very harsh statements about Russia (“Putin is a murderer”) and the veiled threat of new sanctions would anticipate an escalation of tensions between NATO and Russia that would take shape on the Ukrainian border, after which it is foreseeable that the US use Poland’s requests as an excuse to complete the fifth phase of the deployment of the missile shield in Europe (Euro DAM) that will symbolize the outbreak of Cold War 2.0.

Biden and Soros on the hunt for “the white whale”

With Putin we witnessed the implementation of the ruling party, a political doctrine that combines the expansionist ideas of Russian nationalism, the blessings of the almighty Orthodox Church, the priceless services of the FSB (successor to the KGB), the exuberant monetary liquidity obtained by energy companies (GAZPROM ) and part of the Khrushchevian ideology symbolized in a Presidential power with clear autocratic overtones. a government supported by solid cohesion strategies such as mass manipulation through tight control of the media, the cult of personality and ideological dogmatism. However, the emergence of the COVID pandemic would have affected 70% of Russian SMEs and a 5% drop in GDP is estimated for 2021 that would have as collateral effects an increase in the unemployment rate to 8%, a real loss of income of 7% and inflation close to 9%. This will exacerbate the loss of purchasing power of the Russian citizenship as well as the drastic reduction of the public sector and the consequent reduction in social benefits that will make the middle class disappear.

Thus, the cuts would have caused a worsening of the social fracture as large sections of the population were forced to live in poverty lines and depend on social subsidies (20 million people), having to allocate large amounts of reserves to correct the rampant Deficit of the Pension Plan, thus being diluted the beneficial effects of its objectives of promoting Housing and Public Health, Reduction of Taxes and the Change in Demographic trend. Putin established as a priority after his first appointment as President in 2000, the Modernization of the Armed Forces, Transport and Energy Infrastructures and the Development of New Technologies, (aerospace; robotics; bio-medicine; bio-fuels and nano-technology ) with a budget until 2025 that would reach the ionospheric figure of 410,000 million euros, which together with the rampant corruption of the elites, the high cost of living and militarism would have caused a significant loss of the popularity of Putin that would be around the 50 %.

The Biden Administration wants at all costs to prevent Putin from remaining in power until 2036 but after the failure of the Color Revolution encouraged by the US to mobilize Russian society against the high cost of living and the rampant corruption and the arrest of the leader of the movement “Fund to Fight Corruption”, Alekséi Navalni, USA would have given the green light to the gestation of an endogenous plot with the avowed objective of weakening the once all-embracing power of Putin in the Party and in the Administration and later achieve his political defenestration through a bloodless coup. This plot would have the paternity of the Club of the Islands, with assets close to 10 trillion Euros and whose visible head according to the Russian spy Daniel Estulin would be the financier and expert designer of “color revolutions”, George Soros who with the exile ex -oil businessman Khodorkovsky (Open Russia) will move his pawns strategically located in key positions of the Administration, Mass Media, FSB and Army to after an attempted media campaign against Putin, get the Russian Supreme Court to formally accuse him of the same charges with those who beheaded the oligarchic clique: abuse of power, corruption and tax crimes, cult of personality and political errors, reliving the coup against Khrushchev and his replacement by Leoniv Brezhnev (1964). Thus, the obsessive dream of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation (OSF) of being able to infiltrate Russia to proceed with its Balkanization would be fulfilled, since Russia would be for Soros the “white whale that has been trying to hunt for decades”, according to Tyler Durden the Zero Hedge portal.

GERMÁN GORRAIZ LÓPEZ-Political analyst

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