Neo-Liberal Globalist ideology has the objective to destroy any “independent way of life”- mainly national, individual.. but as well the business independence. In their mindset that is necessary in order to achieve a global dominance and full control over all individual entities. Very similar to the hardcore communist ideology.
That’s why the individual freedom’s restrictions- such freedom of speech, movement, health choice, information..- have been imposed nowadays- and various totalitarian restraints applied over the citizens: “ausweis” (Nazi pass for citizens), facial masks (muzling), various public bans, even people have been encouraged to turn against each other and snitch on their neighbors.
That’s why our symbols of any tradition, history, nationality, have been outlawed as we speak, even brutally destroyed.. and not only the historical monuments, but the books as well have been “burnt” in so called “democratic societies”. This phenomena is known as the “political correctness” and the “cancel culture”- promoted by Neo-Liberal leftist parties and Western “deep states”.
By destroying all these symbols of independence and inflicting the fear in own population they hope our total obedience finally will be achieved.
It’s time to rise up and shake these chains off..

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