There is some pattern in police and judicial onslaught against Christian priests in this country. Recently couple Alberta’s pastors were prosecuted, awhile ago Langley priest, short time ago NB pastor, and probably many more that I haven’t heard about yet.

For this new “Global Covid Fascism” to work it is necessary to destroy any independence and individuality- regional, local, family, individual, cultural, spiritual.. And to create an obedient and robotic society, which will be ruled through fear and “frequent injections”- supplied by the unethical (money loving) Corporations and backed by “the corporate science”..

That’s why is important for them to destroy or silence all potential spiritual and ideological leaders among us.
Once you deprive the human herd of their cultural, spiritual and national identity, they will be easy to manipulate, and then they will blend with the rest of the obedient and robotic, vax-loving herd..

For many of us, now is much easier to understand the old Mexican saying:
I would rather die standing than live on my knees

(Emiliano Zapata)

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