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How Ukrainian Nazi Thugs murdered Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Union House – Details of bloody massacre

May 6, 2014 It’s clear that the number of casualties in the Trade Unions House is far greater. Provocateurs captivated people into the building where it was possible to kill them with impunity, with great relish, and without witnesses. Fire inside the building was directed in order to hide mass murdering of Ukrainian citizens. Firstly, the tents on the square

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What this Superpower’ Military did to the small and defenseless country, constitutes the War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Can you imagine- in these modern times, marked by the enormous democratic, humanitarian and technological advances of our Mankind- One of the largest and most powerful nations: savagely and relentlessly bombing one small and defenseless country for three months, murdering over 6,000 innocent civilians, including over a hundred children, maiming dozens thousands of them, systematically destroying the entire country infrastructure

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Syrian White Helmets & False-Flags arriving to Ukraine?

West is ready to go all-in On the territory of Ukraine, Washington is planning a provocation with the use of chemical weapons. Information processing in the media with accusations against Russia has long been started, it remains only to carry out the event itself. To date, it is known that the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS) will be involved. According to

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UK doesn’t like hosting Ukrainians, but will fight for them until the last one..

Speaking in the vanguard of European support for Ukraine, the UK actually helped less than in words The Guardian published in its article ( information that the United Kingdom accepts fewer Ukrainians per capita than much of Europe.10 Ukrainian refugees per 10,000 British is one of the lowest figures among 28 European countries involved in assisting Kiev. The cunningly planned

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Russian general: Russia will strike government agencies and transport systems in Kyiv

06.06.2022 16:09RussiaRussia may strike government agencies and transport infrastructure facilities in Ukraine if Kyiv receives long-range multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) from the West, Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov, the head of the State Duma Defense Committee said, RBC reports. According to Kartapolov, there are many such objects on the territory of Ukraine. “The Rada (the Parliament — ed.) operates, there are

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Is a Russian military operation against Ukraine likely in the near future?

Originally posted on Russia Military Analysis:
Following the November 25th Kerch Strait naval skirmish, in which Russia seized three Ukrainian boats,  Ukrainian leadership has issued warnings of a Russian buildup near Ukraine’s borders. These began in early December and have led to a media echo chamber of concerns that a Russian attack on Ukraine is imminent, in part bolstered by…

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Horrific war crime videotaped by the West backed “soldiers” of Ukrainian army- WARNING very disturbing video

Every further comment of this Western supported barbarism is “worthless”… They cannot scare either us, or the Armed forces of NovoRussia- we already endured so much suffering!. After seeing this horrific video, is hard to believe that any fighter of Novo-Russian army would wish to capture any “Azov’ soldier” alive.

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Statement by the respectable (retired) high ranking NATO intelligence officer Mr. Martin Packard cannot be ignored. Nobody can say “that is Russian propaganda”. This time very serious allegations are coming from experienced intelligence analyst, whose job was to identify all threats directed at NATO member states- this time he rightly identified “enemy threats” coming from Washington, NOT from Russia…

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If we know that Serbian nation still carry many scars from the savage NATO bombardment in 1999, and that best majority of Serbian population are strongly opposed to such move; This unpopular government move is more difficult to understand. Many qualified domestic and foreign “political observers” consider such Serbian Prime minister’ behavior as a potential political suicide!?

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