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New York Supreme Court Awards $13.8 Million to Bitcoin FraudVictims

The State of New York Supreme Court has awarded more than $13.8 million to a Trust whose beneficiaries are Bitcoin fraud victims. The Defendant is The Bitcoin Voluntary Associations, which according to the Plaintiff Crypto Currency Resolution Trust’s legal counsel, Dr. Jonathan Levy, is the same as the crypto enterprise “Bitcoin.” The Trust beneficiaries are a half dozen fraud victims

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European Union Commission Accused of Aiding Crypto Crime

European Union Commission Accused of Aiding Crypto Crime EU and UK Singled Out in Maladministration Complain BRUSSELS: (EU Ombudsman Complaint # 201902197) A complaint filed by lawyer Dr. Jonathan Levy on behalf of cryptocurrency crime victims, whose claims totaling over €27 million, takes aim not only at the European Commission but singles out the United Kingdom and several other EU

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Ben Swann: First MajorIndependent Media Publication 100% Funded By Cryptocurrency

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4/19/2018 Taking shape in the United States and throughout the world in recent history is the gradual transformation of how media, particularly journalism, is created and distributed. Independent media companies have been folded into larger corporations, and virtually all “local” television stations have been purchased by giant corporations. The end result is hundreds upon hundreds of entities

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