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GERMÁN GORRAIZ LÓPEZ: New stage in Cuba-United States relations?

“…However, after Joe Biden’s victory at the polls, the Republican establishment will end up accepting the electoral results and will leave Donald Trump abandoned to his fate and at the mercy of the future judicial processes that await him, the Presidential pardon to Trump not being ruled out to exonerate him from possible court charges in exchange for acknowledging his

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German Gorraiz Lopez : What the Pentagon does plot in Nicaragua and Venezuela?

FBReporter contributor Germán López Gorraiz (1957-) is a Spanish economical and geopolitical analyst who writes for several Spanish and Latino American journals such as ”Tribuna de Navarra”. He lives in Navarra, Spain.

Immersed as we are in the new teleonomic scene, we will witness the irruption in the geopolitical scenario of Latin America of a new black wave involucionista that will consist in the implementation of “soft hand blows” with the unequivocal objective to replace regimes insensible to the Dictated by Washington (Nicaragua, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia) by autocratic military regimes, through

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Colombia’s FARC Guerrillas “Took Up Arms to Make Ourselves Heard”

By Patricia Grogg Sandra Ramírez on Havana’s malecón, or seaside drive. Credit: Patricia Grogg/IPS HAVANA, Sep 27 2012 (IPS) – It’s hard to imagine her in guerrilla fatigues, carrying a 25-kg backpack and firing shots to repel an enemy attack, or diving for cover from aerial bombardment. She is known as Sandra Ramírez, and she has left the field of

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