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Beginning of uprising in Serbia!?

While these protestors that today took the streets of the Serbian capital Belgrade were very angry and loud, the majority of Serbian people are very silent. Probably too silent, and that eerie silence (for people that know well Serbian history and mentality) is the most scary part. After such “calm weather”, usually the “violent storm” would come. And something is obviously looming on the Serbian political horizon…

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Revolution Becomes A Tourist Destination In Nepal

By Countercurrents.org 04 October, 2012 Other than ecotourism, there are varieties of tourism including village tourism, development tourism, pro-poor tourism, slum tourism, outer space tourism, tiger tourism, learning from people tourism, education tourism, and war tourism. Climate crisis tourism, civil war tourism and military intervention tourism may follow. Whatever it’s, it fetches money. The distribution of tourism money is a

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