Beginning of uprising in Serbia!?

While thоse protestors that today took the streets of the Serbian capital Belgrade were very angry and loud, the majority of Serbian people remained very silent. Probably too silent, and that eerie silence (for people that know well Serbian history and mentality) is the most scary part. After such “calm weather”, usually the “violent storm” would come. And something is obviously looming on the Serbian political horizon…

Beginning of uprising in Serbia!?

21 March 2015, SERBian FBReporter

                       By Miodrag Novakovic


Demonstrations staged today by Serbian patriotic movement “Dveri”, outside the government HQ in Nemanjina 11, Belgrade, could be a sign of “a sudden changes” on Serbian political scene. According to “Dveri” around 5,000 people participated in today protest and in the subsequent march on a state owned national TV station.

Their main demands were to stop humiliating the Serbian people by bringing into the Serbian government former Western officials that have hidden anti-Serbian agenda (such former British PM Tony Blair- one of the architects of the illegal NATO war against Serbia in 1999), to stop the process of Serbia’ integration into a NATO military alliance (which is considered by absolute majority of Serbian people as “war criminal and occupier”- Serbia has just signed with NATO the IPAP and SOFA protocols, which are just one step away from the formal NATO membership!?)…

…Another major demand was to stop a self-destructive process of so called “euro-integrations”, which has proven to be disastrous for Serbian economy and has been progressively   undermining Serbian sovereignty (or what is left of it). In opinion expressed by many domestic and foreign analysts, EU has hidden agenda toward Serbia which eventually would lead into further Serbian territorial partition and the loss of Serbian national identity.

Beside the “Dveri” leadership, the crowd of five thousand people was addressed by some influential Serbian intellectuals and national artists: university professor Dr. Ivan Dojcinovic, member of Serbian academy of science Dr. Kosta Cavoski, internationally acclaimed movie producer Boris Malagurski, etc…

The number of people that came out to voice their protest against the atrocious government policies, only at first sight didn’t look impressive. But, if we take into considerations that Serbian regime has exerted almost complete control over major media outlets in country (including the state owned TV station- RTS), and if know that Serbian regime, personified in a controversial PM Aleksandar Vucic (former ultra nationalist suddenly turned “democrat”) is conducting the policy of intimidation of the political opposition and their supporters, which is often resulting in the brutal police oppression, effective media censorship, and the crackdown on the social networks users (recently a number of Serbian people were arrested and charged due to “controversial statuses” on their Facebook or Twitter accounts; Then we must conclude that a number of people attending today protest was quite impressive!?

Dissatisfaction with pro-NATO and pro-EU policies was very visible in the choreography of this protest. Most of participants were publicly displaying the pictures of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Russian, Donetsk & Lugansk Republics, and Serbian flags, along with “Dveri” political symbols.

Most of Serbian citizens don’t appreciate EU and Washington blackmailing (“carrot and stick” type) policy which did not bring anything good to country since 1999 NATO bombing, and today they are turning in large numbers to brotherly Russia for help.


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“Dveri” leader Vladan Glisic addressed the crowd with next words: “Serbia is choosing Serbian integrations, over EU integrations; on international level we want integrations with Russia…” Then he and other “Dveri” leaders passed to the government officials their list with specific demands-

To stop self-destructive “road to EU and NATO”. And to revive the ties and the integrations with Russian Federation. To cancel anti-constitutional Brussels’ “SSP pact” regarding Kosovo’ independence, imposed on Serbia by EU, and to conduct Serbian government sponsored elections in Northern Kosovo (an enclave bordering with central Serbia, where Serbs still maintain majority of population, while they are effectively ethnically cleansed from the most of Kosovo and Metohija, due to EU and NATO ignorance). To prevent IMF destructive policy against Serbia and to liberate country from (Western imposed) financial slavery. To fulfill all demands by protesting teachers, and to restore their and the pensioners dignity (social welfare). To prevent (EU imposed) sale of state owned “Telecom” corporation, one of the most profitable and one of the richest in the Balkans. To raise the taxes on the imported agricultural products from abroad, and to restore the state sponsored redemption for the same products. To introduce the state sponsored program for social assistance to the poorest citizens, to prevent application of (EU imposed) anti-family laws that publicly promote homosexuals, and in same time, punish responsible parents for “the reasonable spanking” of their children. To free all media, especially the state owned “Radio Television of Serbia” (RTS), which at present are preventing the pluralism of political opinions, and are promoting only “one party” government agenda. In this regard they need to enable the publicly televised debates between the government officials and the opposition leaders. ..

This document was delivered as well to RTS officials.


During the march, the protesters were mocking and stepping on the Tony Blair cartoon effigy (probably the most hatred Western politician in Serbia, which was recently brought to Serbian government as an adviser, on Serbian PM’ Vucic initiative- probably by direct suggestion from Brussels and Washington). The very visible presence of the riot police, that probably outnumbered protesters, was impressive, and most of the protestors were “photographed and videotaped in high resolution”, as noted by Academic Dr. Kosta Cavoski.

He added that “No government lasts forever.”

The representative from Kosovo and Metohija, Goran Milenkovic asked the Serbian people and the government for help in medicine for Kosovo’ Serbs, describing the situation in Serbian break-away province: “We, Serbian people from Kosovo, are going through the most difficult hardship, and we know that such hardship is coming to central Serbia too. Soon, through your cities, villages, and roads will be roaming NATO terrorists and NATO tanks, the same way they are doing it now in Kosovo.

Milenkovic called upon Serbian police, Gendarmes, Serbian army, and state security services, to prevent further disintegration of the country, because “Serbs have no spare country”. He invited Serbian people to join their brothers in huge rally, scheduled for March 24th in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Famous and internationally recognized movie producer Boris Malagurski called Serbian people to prevent Serbia to be turned into another “NATO colony”, where NATO soldiers would be granted superior status and immunity in relation to the ordinary citizens. He publicly called everyone to exercise their lawful right and to execute the citizen arrest of the alleged war criminal Tony Blair (in relation to well documented war crimes over Serbs during the illegal NATO war in 1999). Malagurski called too for severing all the ties with predatory IMF, and for a prevention of the scheduled legislation (by Serbian parliament) that would legalize GMO products in country.

Other speakers have warned that Serbian nation is being destroyed: through Western imposed education system, by privatization and sale of agricultural land to foreigners. They highlighted that such blind following of EU and USA policies by current, and previous (pro-Western) regimes has resulted in the biggest unemployment rate in Europe. They pointed at the daily occurrences, where brutal government appointed bailiffs are breaking into people homes, “stealing from the poor and giving it to the reach”- as stated “Dveri” speaker Danilo Tvrdisic.

They have been selling our water, land, forests, and now they want to sell (to foreigners) the most profitable national “Telecom” corporation. Mr. Vucic we are not going to allow you to trade our future for Angela Merkel smile, and once we get to the power: we will cancel shameful SSP agreement on Kosovo, we will raise the custom dues and taxes in order to protect domestic industry, we will raise the taxes on foreign banks, prevent the catastrophic privatization of the strategic resources, and form a Serbian bank for development.”, concluded Tvrdisic…

The crowd of five thousand people were all the time shouting slogans: “Serbia, Russia- we don’t need EU… Treason… We are not giving up on Kosovo… Revolution… We want jobs… Putin-Serbian…


If there is a proper word to describe last three years of the governance by the Western backed Serbian regime, personalized in PM Aleksandar Vucic, then that word would be “disaster”. The previous “post 5th October” (since Western sponsored coup against legally elected president Milosevic in 2000) Serbian regimes were also conducting the politics against national interests, but the latest Serbian Progressive party regime is doing it with much more dedication and with no regard for Serbian national interest, often undermining country’ sovereignty and constitution.

What makes things worse, Vucic’ regime is associated with many other corruption affairs, some members of cabinet and high ranking party officials have forged their university diplomas and “doctorates”, even recently are discovered some party leaders with forged high school certificates. The university diploma of Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic (which he obtained upon getting in power) is subject of public mockery and very often main subject in opposition media. According to public records, the President wasn’t physically present at most exams which he allegedly passed at one private university!?

Nevertheless this deeply corrupted regime (with proven record of political oppression and media censorship, is unconditionally supported by Brussels and Washington. The reason? Probably their willingness to diligently execute Western political agenda in the Balkans, even if that means sabotaging Serbian constitution and further economic and territorial disintegration of the country…

…Something, the previous pro-Western (puppet) regimes, were hesitating to conduct so openly and on a such large scale. That is why Serbia today is facing probably the biggest uncertainty and political turmoil in its history.

While those protestors that today took the streets of the Serbian capital Belgrade were very angry and loud, the majority of Serbian people remained very silent. Probably too silent, and that eerie silence (for people that know well Serbian history and mentality) is the most scary part. After such “calm weather”, usually the “violent storms” would come; And something is obviously looming on the Serbian political horizon…

…The days ahead of us will tell.

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