Poll: 59% would choose Kosovo over EU

BELGRADE — If  Serbs voted in a referendum that would ask them to “choose between Kosovo and the EU”, about two thirds would choose to keep Kosovo within Serbia.



At the same time, 27 percent said they would rather see the country join the EU.

The B92/Strategic Marketing poll included 1,002 respondents.

Broken down by partisan affiliation, the data showed that as many as 78 percent of the ruling Serb Progressives (SNS) – the country’s largest party – would choose Kosovo, while 14 percent would go for Serbia’s EU membership.

77 percent of voters of the ruling Socialists care more about Kosovo than about the EU, which would be the choice of only nine percent of those who support the party led by PM Ivica Dačić.

This is followed by the opposition Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) with 65 and 24 percent respectively – despite the fact that this party is considered to be among the strongest opponents of EU integrations.

On the other hand, although the ruling coalition places those integrations high on the list of priorities, it appears that this enthusiasm is not shared by a majority of its voters.

As for those who support Serbia’s EU membership over her claim on Kosovo, 74 percent of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) voters would choose the former, while only eight percent the latter option.

46 percent of those who choose to vote for the opposition Democratic Party (DS) would also vote in favor of Kosovo in a referendum, while 43 percent would favor the EU.




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