ENEMY AT THE GATES: The history is repeating itself…


A neo-Nazi cell within the US Marine corps hail Waffen SS .


ENEMY AT THE GATES: The history is repeating itself…


In 1998 USA and NATO Allies accepted Kosovo Albanian guerrilla organization KLA, as a military ally (KLA was officially classified terrorist organization by US State Dep. until 1998)- in order to fulfill their own military agenda in Balkans and Kosovo, and militarily take possession of Serbian property in Kosovo- they conveniently removed the terrorist label from KLA, just prior to the illegal NATO war against Yugoslavia in 1999.

That all was done under the pretext of humanitarian intervention, which was triggered by the series of staged (so called) “Serbian massacres” masterminded by the Western top spies, who were deployed in Kosovo under the mask of humanitarians and OSCE observers.

The most notorious perpetrator of this Western secret agenda was US ambassador William Walker (then OSCE official), who still had fresh blood on his hands of innocent people of Latin America, where he was supervising American funded “death squads” (according to Global Research sources)…

Mister Walker staged so called “Serbian massacre” in village of Racak, that later was proved to be completely false. Nevertheless, it was just a “trigger-excuse” for NATO alliance to start three months of relentless and most savage bombing campaign in Post-WWII Europe, against the independent nation of Yugoslavia (Serbia).

During these three months they have killed over 3,000 innocent citizens of Yugoslavia, destroyed most of the country’s infrastructure, permanently polluted the air, soil and natural water sources (by indiscriminate use of “depleted uranium projectiles”)- Paving the way for own “predatory corporations” to move in- and to start robbing Serbia of its natural resources ( as well depriving the Serbian people of national and human dignity- degrading and disintegrating Serbian nation in every possible way)!?


Following the same principles as German Nazis and Western Allies in WWII; when they utilized Croatian fascistic formation “Ustache” and Muslim & Albanian SS divisions- Now, they used them again, to exterminate Serbian population in many parts of former Yugoslavia.

In WWII that was done by Nazi Germans- Today it was NATO that used the same old Balkan’s Nazi allies against Serbian people. The result is well known- Serbs are today almost completely ethnically cleansed from NATO and EU controlled Croatia and Kosovo, and Western allies are now setting another stage for further territorial disintegration of Serbia. This time covertly supporting Hungarian, Bosniak, and Albanian separatists within the Central Serbia!?

In WWII Western allies used the communist terrorists led, by then, British spy Josip Broz Tito, in order to undermine Stalin… Today they use the Western established puppet regime in Belgrade- whose ranks are ironically filled by the descendants from the same communist’ oligarchy from Tito’s era?

This time their role is to undermine and severe ties with new, strong and democratic Russia, and to provide “the least painful” disintegration of the remaining Serbian property, and its “unconditional surrender” to the Western “predatory corporations”.

Western allies (then- WWII) conveniently overlooked the atrocities committed by communists, mostly over Serbian population- Today as well, they openly support atrocities over Serbian population in former Yugoslavia…

…And now they even are effectively obstructing and preventing any serious and independent investigation over horrendous atrocities committed against Serbs by their Balkan’s allies.

The most drastic example is obstruction of investigation into forcible “Human organ trade” in Kosovo, committed by terrorist KLA, during and in aftermath of Kosovo conflict in 1999, over captured Serbian civilians.

Not to mention obstruction of the biggest ethnic cleansing operation in Post-WWII Europe, executed over Serbs in Croatia in 1990ies- With the approval and with the active assistance of US government!?

Here is worth to mention the other historical facts that would help us to establish the Western “criminal pattern” in the case of Yugoslavia: Western allies (British and Americans) themselves committed large scale atrocities during WWII by bombing indiscriminately, and almost exclusively, Serbian biggest cities- That way, they paved the road for a communist dictator, and “self-declared” President of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, who then used the old  rule: “divide and conquer” , to occupy Serbia and the rest of Yugoslavia, and to firmly establish the new communist regime- destroying any resistance in Serbia ( by using “self-invented” formula, commonly known as “Weak Serbia- Strong Yugoslavia”)…


The history is now just repeating itself- The old “killers” are just back to the original crime scene. Once again,-ready to chop Serbia into the pieces for the sake of own “colonial agenda”, and once again- to undermine the Russian interests in this part of Europe, probably setting the stage for some “final military solution”, down on the road.

The question is, will Russia still stand idle, allowing the Nazi (Western) reprisal against own nation, very realistically depicted in the movie “Enemy at the gates”!?

I hope not! By defending Serbian independence and national integrity, Russia today is defending itself! I believe the people in Kremlin know that very well.

It is time to take the gloves off. Here in Serbia- and there, in our “Brotherly Russia”…



30.12.2012, Serbian FB Reporter

Author:  Miodrag Novakovic

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