DONETSK REPUBLIC: Massive violation of ceasefire by Kiev’ junta…

7th March 2015, city Donetsk, Donetsk republic

Military report of Eduard Basurin, deputy commander of Corps in the Ministry of Defense of Donetsk republic:

“During the night [from 6th to 7th March] we recorded ten violations of the ceasefire by the Kiev junta. All of them were in the area of the Donetsk airport. Under shelling came: village “Spartak”, settlement “Oktyabr”, village ” Veseloye” and the 15th city quarter [of Donetsk]. During the last 24 hours, there were 25 violations of ceasefire by the Kiev junta. The positions of Donetsk republic army at villages Novoazovskiy and Shirokino [near city Mariupol] were also shelled.
In the area near the city of Debaltsevo, in the village Novogrigorovka a large camouflaged ammunition depot for artillery and MLRS “Grad” was found. These ammunitions came to service of our artillery units that are now in the rear. From there were took more than two thousands of ammunition.
Also, during the day, by recovered the units which were repaired and put into operation, seven T-64 of various modifications, five multi-purpose armored transporters MT-LB, three armored personnel carriers and six artillery units of various calibers, including one self-propelled howitzer 122 mm “Carnation”.

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