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5th March 2015, city Debaltsevo, Donetsk republic Rebuilding the city Debaltsevo after fleeing of Ukrainian fascists and mercenaries continues. To this date Debaltsevo Central Hospital was renovated almost entirely. You see the hospital in the first minutes of video.     The hospital departments are now equipped with what the personnel managed to maintain despite the shelling and looting by

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DONETSK REPUBLIC: Massive violation of ceasefire by Kiev’ junta…

7th March 2015, city Donetsk, Donetsk republic Military report of Eduard Basurin, deputy commander of Corps in the Ministry of Defense of Donetsk republic: “During the night [from 6th to 7th March] we recorded ten violations of the ceasefire by the Kiev junta. All of them were in the area of the Donetsk airport. Under shelling came: village “Spartak”, settlement

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LPR militia handed over 8 bodies of Ukrainian servicemen killed around Debaltsevo…

7th of March, 2015. Lugansk People’s Republic, Novorossiya. The LPR people’s militia together with the Union of the Afghanistan veterans of the Lugansk region handed over 8 bodies of Ukrainian servicemen killed in the area of Debaltsevo. The bodies were handed over to the Ukrainian volunteers in the presence of the OSCE members. According to the militia’s chief of staff

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