Ukraine ramping up the anti-Russia propaganda

Dorothy Reilly :
“I was just watching RT News (which repeats several times throughout the day) and Nuland and the rest of the U.S. government/media and our puppet government in the Ukraine are ramping up the anti-Russia propaganda and out-and-out lies once again as they send their troops into Ukraine completely ignoring the temporary ceasefire in eastern Ukraine as a result of the Minsk peace talks. Every time you hear the words “Russian aggression” please take notice of where the fighting was…in the east…not in Kiev…if the Russians were involved and were the aggressors the fighting would be in the west…it is the Amerikkan backed puppet Ukraine government who is the aggressor…the Ukrainians in the eastern region are just defending themselves against invaders. Not to mention that if there is any nuclear threat it comes from the U.S. and Israel…not from Iran or Russia. Take time to think about what you are hearing instead of jumping on the bandwagon”

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