Today, the Guardian wrote a piece aboutThe women fighting on the frontline in Ukraine.” They go out of their way to idolize these women, to make them seem interesting, to help you relate to their struggle. They’re supposedly fighting against Russian aggression. That’s the reason The Guardian would have you believe is the real reason they’re fighting on the frontline.

The Guardian also tells you, unwittingly, that these women are fighting with a Nazi regimen, and their items contain Nazi symbolism. Take for instance the woman featured in the picture below.

The caption to this photo reads: Anaconda says she is well treated by the men in her battalion, but is hoping that the war will end soon. Photograph: Jonathan Alpeyrie/Transterra Media.

The Guardian fails to elaborate on this photo. The van immediately behind her has two pieces of Nazi symbolism, first is the 36th Grenadier Division Waffen SS Nazi symbol on the front cab.


Below we have 1488, which is another notorious Nazi symbol. The 14 stands for the Fourteen Words. As noted by Wikipedia, the 88 is often combined with 14, and its meaning is that 8 is the 8th letter of the alphabet (H). Combined, HH = Heil Hitler.


What he have here is another whitewashing by The Guardian. As I’ve noted in another post, the West is abandoning Kiev, Nazis are simply not compatible with support from common westerners. The west, rightly, wants nothing to do with Hitler. As the Guardian writes a fluff piece to make Kiev’s army more palatable to the west, however, they unwittingly put Kiev’s Nazi freaks on display once again.



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