Representatives of the Kiev junta hypocritically said that they wanted to help the miners of the mine Zasyadko. An explosion took place at this coal mine on 4th March. Below is the response from the Donetsk Republic regarding the hypocritical statement of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. A professional in the Mining answered to the clown of the policy: “Remove the blockade, give medicines free pass, and we we’ll resolve the other issues ourselves”

Antipov Igor Vladislavovich Holders of the Order “Glory of Miner”, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Ph.D., professor, author of patents in the field of mining, wrote yesterday, March 5, at his page in social network “Vkontakte”:

“Yesterday the whole evening I was watching ICTV [Ukrainian private channel that supports Kiev junta]. They showed a short video where Yatsenyuk said:” We wanted to send rescuers. But Russian non-humans didn’t allow”. This cynicism and incompetence brought out my patience. I can’t be silent more! Mr. Yatsenyuk, you know how many units PMRP (I’d explain to the layman Yatsenyuk PMRP is a paramilitary mine rescue parts) are in your territory, and how many the DPR has? Whom do you want to send to the rescue of the miners at the mine “Zasyadko”? You in Ukraine have one and half unmanned squads PMPR – in the city of Pavlograd and the company “Ukrzapadugol”. The DPR [Donetsk republic] has four full squads of PMRP. In the mine [“Zasyadko”]  15 branches of PMRP DPR operated!
Your hysteria is designed for amateurs. I answer you as a professional – Your country does not have any PMRP units, which could help in the rescue of the people. And then – more interesting. You – subhuman made blockade of us, and we are now very much in need of medicines to save the miners. You were asked about this by E. I. Fistal, the head of the fire center but you subhuman, have never even listened to any of these requests. Because it is you who is subhuman! You have made the blockade of Donbas and do not allow the passing for even the medicines. If you Mr. Yatsenyuk, would like to help the affected miners, then do not offer help from non-existent in Ukraine PMPR, but pass medicines from Ukraine to us for the injured miners.”


Source: https://vk.com/iantypov

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