Transfer to Lviv up to 300 military 173 airborne brigade of the US armed forces

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation informed about the transfer to Lviv region up to 300 military 173 airborne brigade of the armed forces of the United States. This was announced at his press briefing by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashevich, who added that, according to the Ministry, “these soldiers will train Ukrainian soldiers dealing with overseas military equipment”.

“Pretty successful implementation of the agreements on a ceasefire at the Donbass, which was reached on 12 February this year in Minsk, cause the most serious concern messages about U.S. intentions to start a massive arms supplies to Ukraine, ” said Lukashevich. – In the U.S. Congress even developed a special law, which provides for the allocation of 1 billion dollars on equipment and training of the Ukrainian army. As if Washington was going to take them to the full content. Moreover, according to available data, in these days at the Yavoriv training ground at the Lviv region redeployed to 300 troops 173 airborne brigade of the U.S. armed forces who is stationed in Italy. These airmen will be trained Ukrainian soldiers dealing with overseas military equipment. Thus, the U.S. military are already in Ukraine, so they are going to bring to this country is not the world”.

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry also stressed: “I would Like to Kiev authorities and the Ukrainian people have thought about the consequences of such steps. The fire of civil war weapons not to repay. This can be done only through political dialogue between the opposing parties. In addition, we again warn Washington about the enormous damage to our bilateral relations, if the residents of Donbas start killing of American arms. Weapons are fraught with not only the breakdown of the ceasefire and a new escalation in the South-East, but also threatens the security of Russia, as we have said many times. The territory of our country has repeatedly been attacked from the Ukrainian side”.

Recall that earlier it was reported about the intention of some members of the us administration to send Ukrainian military lethal military equipment. Although this idea has enemies among high-ranking representatives of the White house, analysts had said about the real possibilities of such assistance. It, according to official data, should include defensive armament and equipment, including armor-piercing missiles, reconnaissance drones, which can determine the location of enemy positions.



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