Noam Chomsky on Serbian Death Camps and British Liable Laws

Professor Noam Chomsky exemplifies media manipulations with the photograph of the thin man behind the barb wire from a supposed Serbian concentration camp in Bosnia, which when it appeared in newspapers caused hammock around the world. This eventually leads him to talk about British freedom of speech and liable laws which he critisizes very strongly.

For justice sake, one should point out that Serbs did have concentration camps (or just plain old prisoner camps, which was what they in fact were, where men of weaponbearing age were kept, where attrocities did accure (compare Abu Ghraib) but a pattern of systematic killing has never been confirmed even by the ICTY). This is a fact that has to be brought up, no matter what the case was in Trnopolje.

A point which is more crucial tough, is the fact that all three sides in the war had theese so-called concentration camps.

This is an extract from an interview by Serbian journalist Danilo Mandić made in 2006 in Massachusetts, Boston.

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