U.S. Nuclear Holocaust at work- Why U.S. is trying to start the Global War against Russia, over Syria!?


As an introductory to this Editorial, I chose the video clip with the next subtitle: “Rep. Tulsi Gabbard at People’s Summit: We must end our war to overthrow the Syrian government now“- the speech she gave in June this year. However, today, on October 6th 2016, when US and RF are openly exchanging the threats about “mutual destruction” over Biblical Syrian deserts- her speech is more actual than ever…

 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard at People’s Summit: “We must end our war to overthrow the Syrian government now. Let leaders in Washington know that we must stop wasting our valuable, limited resources on regime change wars such as the war to overthrow the Syrian government, and instead focus our resources on investing in and rebuilding our nation and communities here at home. We simply cannot afford to do both.”
One of rare sane voices coming from one eloquent member of US political establishment. All kudos to this courageous congresswoman…
To confirm her justifiable fears, we already hear today in some mainstream independent media, that in response to the latest US threat that they will strike with all military might Syrian military installations, Russian ministry of defense bluntly responded with the promise that they will shot down any unauthorized aircraft in Syrian air space.
Russian response to further illegal and criminal US escalation in Syria is logical and justifiable, not only from the legal, but from the moral point too…
US citizens should bear in their minds that today US special forces, CIA agents and other covert US personnel are fighting against legitimate Syrian Arab Army (on the ground in Syria) together & shoulder to shoulder with Al Nusra terrorists (Al Qaeda branch)- the very same people that on September 11, 2001 brought down Twin towers, passenger planes, and decimated Pentagon HQ on American soil. When doing so, US administration not only is siding with terrorists in Syria, but it spits in the face of all victims and their relatives of September 11 terrorist massacre.
You can like it or not, but Russian military actions against ISIS and Al Qaeda are under international law very legitimate because they are invited there by the legitimate Syrian government- while US and NATO forces are there illegally (under the false pretext of fighting terrorists, while they have only one goal in their mind- another regime change, and partition of independent Syria).
Russian forces on the ground are “intermingled” with legitimate Syrian army and US (and NATO) air strikes on Syrian forces will be nothing less but declaration of war on Russian Federation.
In participation of such US ludicrous military adventure, RF already deployed huge Air Defense resources to Syria, mainly S300 systems, but some secret and until now unseen hardware too. As we speak, Russian Duma is approving indefinite deployment of Russian army hardware and personnel to Syria.
After so many of US and NATO illegal wars in last couple decades, in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Africa, Syria, not to mention the deployment of NATO strategic weaponry straight into the Russian backyard in Eastern Europe- that resulted in a collapse of previously stable and secular societies, and millions of dead and displaced people- Russia finally draw the red line in Syria…
…And they will stand the ground- if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Putin!?
It is the last moment that Washington’s “hot heads” and warmongers back off (oil reach) Syria, because over there they are not the part of solution (and they never were), but rather the part of problem. If soon the military aircraft (of either nuclear Superpower) start falling off the Syrian skies, there will be only one step to the global nuclear holocaust….
…The war in which there will be no winners, and most likely no more the planet Earth, as we now It.
Miodrag 2015
FBR Editor M. Novakovic
October 6, 2016

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