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UK doesn’t like hosting Ukrainians, but will fight for them until the last one..

Speaking in the vanguard of European support for Ukraine, the UK actually helped less than in words The Guardian published in its article (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jun/03/uk-takes-in-fewer-ukrainians-per-capita-than-most-of-europe) information that the United Kingdom accepts fewer Ukrainians per capita than much of Europe.10 Ukrainian refugees per 10,000 British is one of the lowest figures among 28 European countries involved in assisting Kiev. The cunningly planned

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Historian’ reply to US Diplomat who accused Serbia `Being on wrong side of history` by respecting Venezuela sovereignty

“You are the only country in the mankind history which used nuclear bombs (against civilian targets), and you did that when the war was already over, you sprayed (intentionally) many countries with (poisonous and deadly) Depleted Uranium…! Who are you to judge- who is on the wrong side of history… Are you saying that we should be on your’ side,

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The Humanitarian Catastrophe in Raqqa. Do We Know Who is Responsible?

Currently, the attention of mainstream media is focused on the situation in the battered enclave of Eastern Ghouta. More than 80,000 civilians have already fled the region via humanitarian corridors despite numerous threats from terrorists, and the humanitarian situation there is being improved day by day. However, the same cannot be said of Raqqa that lies in ruins. Almost four

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UNDER NAZI WINGS: How NATO tested the Goebbels’ strategy of Humanitarian wars

…The analogy of the Wehrmacht aggression- based on the false propaganda, against one small and defenseless country- with the aggression, of today the world most powerful, NATO military alliance against one small Serbia, is obvious. Not only in the striking similarity of the false (war mongering) propaganda- which was in both cases, cited above, presented to the world audience “as

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U.S. Nuclear Holocaust at work- Why U.S. is trying to start the Global War against Russia, over Syria!?

If soon the military aircraft (of either nuclear Superpower) start falling off the Syrian skies, there will be only one step to the global nuclear holocaust…The war in which there will be no winners, and most likely no more the planet Earth, as we now It.

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Kiev’ unrest escalates, radicals and paramilitary involved… Nuclear power plants under threat too…

Security has been tightened at Ukraine’s Zaporizhia and Chernobyl nuclear power plants after anonymous bomb threats, the country’s state committee on nuclear regulation said on Wednesday… The protests in Ukraine come amid the economic crisis in the country…

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