Do you know why Kosovo is “Serbian Jerusalem” (1)?

Serbian FBR in foreign languages...

“Religious monuments listed as world heritage were exposed to the destructive Albanian nationalism even before 1999 conflict. Residential facility in Patriarchate of Peć was set on fire, while other monuments were repeatedly plundered and desecrated during the 80’s of the 20th century. The church Our Lady of Lyevish in Prizren that is under UNESCO protection, was looted and damaged in 1999, while the parish hall building was torched to the ground. Аfter the 1999 deployment of respective international presences in Kosovo and Metohija, 141 of Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were completely or significantly damaged.
Only during the violence in March 2004, thirtyfive religious sites of the Serbian Orthodox Church were demolished and destroyed. The Visoki Decani monastery from the 14th century, which is also under UNESCO protection, is the most frequently attacked Christian religious site in Kosovo and Metohija. Monastery suffered four armed attacks in 1999, two mortar attacks…

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