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MISTAKEN IDENTITY-WRONG CHURCH: Coptic Orthodox Church Destroyed in Latest Canadian Church Fire

Since the alleged finding of 215 unmarked graves in Kamloops in May, at least 47 churches across Canada have been attacked, vandalised, or burnt to the ground. Some of the burned churches have been located on First Nations territories and are thought to be linked to the discovery of unmarked residential school graves in parts of Canada. The residential school

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Flagship Resort in Damascus Backs to Peaceful Life

According to the statements of local authorities, Zabadani resort town in Damascus province, which is located 25 kilometers from the Syrian capital, is now fully liberated after the fierce clashes between Syrian Army and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants (ex. Al-Nusra front). Residents who left the city more than five years ago began to return homes and manage their further life.

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Do you know why Kosovo is “Serbian Jerusalem” (1)?

Originally posted on Serbian FBR in foreign languages…:
“Religious monuments listed as world heritage were exposed to the destructive Albanian nationalism even before 1999 conflict. Residential facility in Patriarchate of Peć was set on fire, while other monuments were repeatedly plundered and desecrated during the 80’s of the 20th century. The church Our Lady of Lyevish in Prizren that is…

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Papism as the Oldest Protestantism

Papism as the Oldest Protestantism by the Blessed Fr. Justin (Popovich) What are, on the other hand, the fruits of the God-Man society [the Church]?—Saints, Martyrs, and Confessors. That is its goal, that is its meaning and design, that is the proof of its indestructible strength. Not books and libraries, systems and cities—all things that are here today and gone

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GREAT LENT 2015 IS UPON US THE FIRST WEEK OF GREAT LENT- CLEAN WEEK CONCERNING GREAT LENT Great Lent is the greatest fasting period in the church year in Eastern Christianity, which prepares Christians for the greatest feast of the church year, Easter (or “Holy Pascha”). Although it is in many ways similar to Lent in Western Christianity, there are

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KOSOVO PROPHECY   Jehovah upholding all the falling, and raising up all who are bowed down. (Psalm 145,14)   Without death there is no resurrection, Under a shroud of glory I see you, And our nation’s honor resurrected – “Away from the Serbs, you vile curse!” The Serbs have now fulfilled their vow. (The Mountain Wreath) …For whom are our

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A Man Not of This World Hieromonk Seraphim Rose, co-founder and co-editor of The Orthodox Word and co-founder of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood and Monastery at Platina, California, reposed in the Lord on September 2, 1982 n.s. Born in 1934 in California, he was raised in a typical American Protestant family. He graduated from Pomona College in the

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The future of Russia and the end of the world

The future of Russia and the end of the world By Blessed Hieromonk Seraphim Rose A Lecture given at the Youth Conference of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, San Francisco, August 3, 1981 by Blessed Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) Every Orthodox Christian is placed between two worlds:  this fallen world where we try to work out our salvation, and

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Serb Orthodox cemetery in eastern Croatia vandalised

Unknown individuals vandalized gravestones and the Serbian cemetery chapel near Osijek. The villagers for two days living in fear. The police in the eastern Croatian Osijek-Baranja County are looking for an unidentified person who between January 3 and 5 desecrated the chapel and several dozen graves at the Serb orthodox cemetery in Cepin near Osijek. 13.01.2014. by Branko Ilic The

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