E.U. Officials to its citizens: Being butchered, ran over, or gunned down, became our new life’s norm- Just accept it…

E.U. officials prescribing a new doze of reality to its terrorized people: “Being ran over, or butchered by the cutlery, from now on is the integral part of your lives”…

Incapable to manage and lead responsibly their “European Gulag of mixed nationalities”, the Brussels’ bureaucrats and autocrats, infected by own self-destructive “multi-kulturism”, and politically-correct neutered, in response to the newest wave of Islamic terrorism (in which creation and import, they participated together with Uncle Sam from Washington), are informing its frantic population- who, at present time, before the eyes of the world auditorium, is being hit and ran over by the weaponized vehicles, mauled and finished off with various blunt and sharp instruments, that this things are now simply the fact of a life, a new norm of normality, a price for their “protected and luxurious living” on their “European multi-kulti farm”, and as such have to be accepted…

…And what is the most tragic in this whole story, EUropean, and generally all Western societies, are accepting their regimes’ recipes “en masse”, and without any resistance.

In same time, we are witnessing, the alleged spontaneous rebellion of the aggressive and progressive, visible and invisible, minorities, who are mercilessly terrorizing the passive and peaceful native majorities, not only at “The oldest European”, but on North-American continent, as well. The newest formula for this new norm of reality is- that before the freedom of speech, before the democratic elective will of people, and before the legal system; more important is: the political correctness, self-censorship, and populist Bolshevism- or: the mob’ rule should prevail over the rule of law.

…What better example for the previous statement is- than the populist driven hysterical destruction of the historical monuments across United States, which is taking a place at present times. What is the next phase of this “spontaneous movement”- public burning of the books?

The modern world did not witness such populist terrorism, since the times of the Lenin’ communist mobs, or the Crystal nights of the Hitler’ Nazi mobs, in Euro-Asian and North-American societies.

This time, this new and “spontaneous” populism is bearing all the marks of a leftist fascism (incorporating both anti-Christian ideologies), which is marching under the flag of new global-populist movement, which certainly is not spontaneous, and which’ strings have been pulled by the invisible rulers (from their shadows). The frappant is passivity of the native majorities, who are allowing the leftist globalist mobs, not only to determine their fate, but to herd them without any resistance, and ultimately to bring them to the New world order’ sacrificing altar, to be ritually slaughtered. And slaughtered they are…

This New world order is aiming to destroy any individuality, not only in its citizens, but in their entire societies as well, to erase any traditional, family and original moral, values- values, on which human societies have been existing successfully for thousands of years.

What is taking place at present time, has a striking similarity with the narrative of the movie “Time Machine” from 1960, based on the G.H. Wells novel.

The Wells’ novel describes the futuristic society that emerged after the nuclear holocaust on the Earth.  In this world, similar to present Euro Union, exists one “perfect and sterile” civilization, made up of seemingly happy, and unconditionally obedient and robotic people, belonging to Eloi tribe. They live on the surface of the Earth, in materialistic abundance, they have free housing and they are well fed, and for their leisure activities they are provided with perfect parks and other, almost unlimited, venues. “Only”, they are not allowed to publicly display any emotions or individuality. Any tragedy that could strike any member of Eloi nation has to be accepted as the reality and the fact of their life, and no interference with such reality is allowed.

In one movie scene, the young Eloi woman is drowning in the river, while the people from her tribe, at front of an astonishing visitor from the past, are observing her tragedy calmly and indifferently, without any attempt to save her.

Such behavior is, for materialistically full, well fed, and morally and spiritually castrated Eloi, simply the new “dose of reality”, imposed by their invisible rulers (in our case- Brussels’ Emperors)- Dose of reality they have to swallow obediently.

But the Eloi’ problems don’t end with this particular tragic story, on the surface of Earth.

Similarly, to today blood-thirsty Salafist-Wahhabi visitors, who are arriving to our “oldest continent”, from antagonistic civilizations, from their “sub-continents” and from their “sub-cultures”- On the surface of Eloi paradise, from the underground tunnels and caves, sporadically but regularly, are climbing the blood-thirsty cannibals from the Morlock tribe, hunting mercilessly Eloi people; Then, they drag them bellow into their caves, and eat them.

Like, today EU Emperors, the Eloi invisible rulers too, do nothing substantially to protect its population, except announcing the Morlock’ arrival by the sirens and sheltering the majority of their flock in the concrete bunkers, but in same time they intentionally leave the minority of them to face their tragic fate.

This futuristic ransom in the human blood, in this story about Time Machine, similarly to our Euro-Union story, is being accepted unconditionally, by the (“above surface”) obedient population, as a new prescribed dose of normality and part of their lives. Only, in this entire story, Eloi, like European native people, slowly but surely, are disappearing, and their, above the ground, sterile culture, is being replaced by the new, underground and blood-thirsty- Morlock’ culture…

WHEN FICTION BECOMES REALITY (On the left: The real scene from recent Berlin’ massacre executed by “non-integrated” Islamic radical)

Any similarity with our present, politically-correct, reality- was intentional…


Author Miodrag Novakovic is the founder and editor of FBR Media Group (@FaceBookReporter.org & FBReporter.org).  He wrote 6 books in Serbian language- the most popular are “Pro-Western Crimes”, and “The Chronology of One Treason”. He is a member of Serbian independent journalist association and International Federation of Journalists. He lives in Canada….



By M. Novakovic


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