Kurt Waldheim’s Knighthood, The Vatican, The Serbs and Israel

Serbian FBReporter in English

A few weeks ago, the civilized world was shocked by the news that War Criminal Kurt Waldheim, the man who had hidden his sordid past for years, and who cannot enter the USA, was awarded a knighthood by the Vatican. Then the news came that the Serbs had blocked a visit by the Pope on the grounds that the Vatican had been involved in mass murders of Serbs during World War II.

Is there a connection between these two developments?

Let us look at the record. It was on September 6th that The New York Times gave prominent placement to a report giving the reasons for the cancellation of the Pope’s visit to Sarajevo — under the headline “The Catholic Church Is Accused of Complicity In The Killing of Serbs” and went on to report: “Serbian anger, which is evident in the Bosnian Serbs’ refusal to assure the Pope’s visit…

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