Western formula for the Balkans: “Devide et Impera” (editorial)

Such one sided (black & white) approach by the major Western powers certainly is not going to bring the peace and reconciliation to the Balkans, and is not going to heal the wounds between various religious and ethnic entities there…

…Probably, in my previous sentence, lies the real answer to such “irrational” and inflammatory Western behavior in the Balkans, which in my opinion can be simply described by the old Latin saying: “Divide and conquer”

…And we all know very well who the real “conqueror” and the real culprit, in this story is…


July 13th, 2015

srebrenica case

Even the intention of Mr Ashikaga article on Srebrenica “The Twentieth Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide” probably was to present here an “objective” analysis of Srebrenica events in 90ies, he obviously “fell the victim” of the Western propaganda and their version of the Srebrenica massacre.

The tragic events that unfolded in Srebrenica in July 1995, resulting in the massacre of the Muslim war prisoners, were just that- the “massacre”, and the indisputable war crimes. The only disputable facts here are: the number of executed war prisoners, the use of the term “genocide”, and the real motives behind this tragic event- Who “benefited” from this massacre?

The Western version of this tragedy is just one sided story, behind which are the hidden interests of the leading NATO countries that were deeply involved in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and the following civil wars in its former republics.


The inflated number of 8,000 male victims has no ground even in the facts presented during the ICTY rulings in Hague, and among the scientifically established forensic and other criminal evidence.

For example, by just conducting the quick Google search, I found the names of two alleged Srebrenica Muslim’ victims, in the Bosniak’ paper “Slobodna Bosna”, under the title “”Pad Srebrenice: Unutrasnji teror “Naserovaca””.

In this article the former colonel of Bosniak forces Huso Halilovic is stating that dozens of the Srebrenica Muslims were executed (at the time of Srebrenica Massacre) by the Muslim commander Naser Oric and his paramilitary thugs.

In addition, he is citing the couple names of these Oric’ victims: Hamed Salihovic and Jusuf Bektic. Both of these victims of the internal Muslim clashes are listed as well on Srebrenica’ monument as the victims of so called Serbian “genocide”!? Specifically on the Bosniak’ list of “missing and killed” in Srebrenica massacre, these two men are listed under the numbers: 6938 Hamed Salihovic, and 1091 Jusuf Bektic.


Mr Ibran Mustafic, one of the influential Srebrenica leaders states that the forces of Muslim commander Naser Oric have killed in Srebrenica over 1,000 Muslims (he is elaborating the findings in his book “Planned chaos/Planirani haos”)!?

Or, just look at the case of Senada Becirovic, child refugee from Srebrenica, that was adopted back in 1995 by one Serbian family- Senada found her name and the names of her alive relatives on the Srebrenica monument too… (1.see video section)


Author of this comment was the witness, in July of 1995, that over 2,000 Muslim civilians and many men of military age had found refuge in Serbia, to be taken (during an accelerated immigration procedure) by some Western countries. Many names of these people, that became the citizens of various Western countries, are today listed as the alleged victims of so called “Srebrenica genocide”!?


Back to the ICTY (int. tribunal for former Yugoslavia)- the Hague documents couldn’t prove more than 1920 killed Muslim men in Srebrenica, most of them were captured or KIA soldiers.

ICTY (French) judge Jean Claude Atonetti stated recently that ICTY never determined who was really behind the Srebrenica massacre!? Former Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic stated publicly that former US president Bill Clinton advised him that “they” would need at least 5,000 killed Muslims in Srebrenica, in order to lunch air strikes against Bosnian Serbs, this story is publicly supported by some Muslim Srebrenica officials. In the aftermath of Srebrenica’ massacre Izetbegovic than complained- that “only 3,000″ Muslims were killed– far bellow the number expected by US president Clinton!?

Indicative is the statement (recorded in Norwegian movie “Srebrenica- the town betrayed”) by the former Bosniak police commander in Srebrenica Hakija Meholjic, who confirms such request by the Bosnian president Izebegovic, that they would need at least 5,000 Muslims to be killed in Srebrenica, in order to get US military support against Serbs!? (2. see video section)


The official story on “Srebrenica genocide” in fact is very naive and unsupported by the facts, but rather based on the old saying, that “The lie repeated thousands of times, eventually will become the truth”.

For the director (Nazi hunter) of the Israel’ “Simon Visental” centre, Mr Ephraim Zuroff the comparison of the mass murder of Muslim war prisoners in Srebrenica, and the WWII Jewish Holocaust- is appalling, offensive (to the victims of the real genocides) and a clear abuse of the “Genocide term”. He is publicly refuting the attempt by the Western powers to qualify the mass murder of the Muslim war prisoners (even if their number really was 8,000) as an act of genocide!?


In same time the Western powers are aggressively covering and hiding the facts of the real genocide, despicable war crimes, and ethnic cleansing over Serbian population, during the Balkan civil wars in 90ies.

They ignore (judicially and forensically identified) 3,267 murdered Serbs around Srebrenica, prior to the massacre of Muslim men in July 1995. The best majority of these Serbian people, murdered by the Bosniak forces under the command of Naser Oric- were women, children and elderly, and a few war prisoners.

The entire population of about 60 Serbian villages in Srebrenica region is wiped out of the face of Earth. These Bosniak crimes are the ones that actually fall under the real genocide definition. Here we have the case of the complete extermination of one ethnic population (Serbian), while during the Srebrenica massacre, perpetrated by some Serbian troops- only the war prisoners and the men of the military age were executed. Certainly, it is tragic to take any human life, especially when they are defenseless and in the custody of “occupying force”, but if we are talking here in the terms of “genocide”; Then, what Muslim forces did to Serbian population in Srebrenica region prior to the massacre in July 1995, fits the historical and legal definition of the genocide!?


Just one month after the Srebrenica massacre, the biggest ethnic cleansing in post WWII Europe took place in Croatia– the event that was largely ignored by the Western media, and covered up by the NATO leaders.

Croatian forces, given “green light” by US president Clinton, and supported by CIA and US government military contractor “MPRI”, launched in August 1995 the “Operation Storm”, against Serbian “Krajina Republic” in Western Croatia which was at that time designated UN protected area (same as in the case of Srebrenica).

In less than a week Croats, backed by US government military and intelligence personnel, completely ethnically cleansed this region of Serbs, expelling between 300,000 and 400,000 Croatian Serbs (burning and destroying their towns, villages and property- even killing Serbian pets and livestock) from their ancient homeland, killing almost every remaining Serb they found (at least 5,000 people) that they were able to capture, mostly elderly and disabled Serbs that were not able to flee.

Croatian Serbs remembered very well the last Croatian “mega-genocide” in WWII, when Croats, allied with Nazi Germany, exterminated at least 900,000 Serbs (the official German Wehrmacht figure) in the various concentration camps. This time Serbs in Krajina did not want to wait for the WWII reprisal, and rather opted for the exodus.

These horrific Croatian war crimes, conducted with the Western support (even they met every single criteria), never were labeled as the act of genocide- neither were officially recognized as the “ethnic cleansing”, which undoubtedly it was.

As a reward for serving the NATO interests and being “anti-Slavic” (read anti-Russian) the genocidal (Catholic) Croatia was rewarded recently the EU membership.


What to say for other horrific war crimes and crimes against humanity committed over Serbs. Again covered up by the Western officials, and ignored by the main stream Western media
In 1999, NATO backed Kosovo (Albanian) paramilitary KLA (by the way KLA was until 1998 listed by the White House as the terrorist organization- to be conveniently removed from their list, prior to NATO aggression against Serbia) kidnapped over 2,000 Serbs in Kosovo and smuggled most of them to the neighboring Albania (NATO member)…
…To be there butchered for the human organs
, which were then supplied to reach clientele in Middle East and some Western countries. These despicable crimes were well documented in UN report CKX103 from 2003, in the report submitted to European parliament by the well respectable Swiss state prosecutor Mr. Dick Marty, as well they were described in the book of the former ICTY prosecutor Carla Del Ponte.

“Surprisingly” this investigation into the horrific crimes against Serbs was shot down, and all the forensic evidence collected by the UNMIK investigators in Kosovo and Albania, was intentionally destroyed in Hague (ICTY)!?

Everything, I cited here, are very easy verifiable facts- just “Google” CKX103, Dick Marty, ICTY Srebrenica files, American Congressional reports on Krajina etc. and you will find the plenty of the evidence, and the official confirmation, that acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, including “black transplant-ology” of human organs, were actually committed against Serbs in the Balkans, at the end of the 20th century. Not to mention that all happened “under the watch” and with the silent approval of the major Western powers.


What are the real reasons that these self-declared “biggest democracies” in the world, are effectively covering up and hiding these facts- that is a question yet to be answered. Probably one of the answers lies in today’ open NATO military expansion toward the Russian borders, and in the fact the Serbian people are historically allied and traditionally tied with their Slavic “brothers” in the East, and as such never trusted by the West; Who instigated the breakup of the Socialist Yugoslavia and the subsequent “extermination” of the Serbian population in the Balkans.


Such Western agenda was publicly exposed in the famous letter of German MP and then vice-president of the European parliament Willy Wimmer to the German Chancellor Schroeder. In this letter he accused the Western leaders of the open anti-Serbian agenda (destruction of the Republic of Yugoslavia and ongoing disintegration of the Serbian state), the agenda adopted at Euro-Atlantic conference in Bratislava, in April/May 2000.

Another reason for such intensive anti-Serbian agenda and “Goebbels type” propaganda against Serbian people conducted by the leading NATO countries, probably is an attempt to cover up own crimes, committed during the breakup of Yugoslavia (siding with anti-Serbian ethnic entities in the Balkan’ wars) and the subsequent illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 (which under the international laws constitutes the most serious crime under legal int. terms- Crime against peace).

As I stated in my previous analyses, I have no intention to deny (neither to justify) in any way some war crimes that were committed by the Serbian forces, during the civil wars in the Balkans, in the 90ies. I am just trying here to question the inflated numbers and the legal definition of these acts, especially the way it was aggressively persuaded by some Western powers….

…Not to mention their complete ignorance, and their cover up of the crimes committed against Serbian people during the Balkan wars in 90ies.


Such one sided (black & white) approach by the major Western powers certainly is not going to bring the peace and reconciliation to the Balkans, and is not going to heal the wounds between various religious and ethnic entities there…Miodrag Novakovic 2012 portret- wide

…Probably, in my previous sentence, lies the real answer to such “irrational” and inflammatory Western behavior in the Balkans, which in my opinion can be described simply with the old Latin formula: Divide and conquer

…And we all know very well- who the real “conqueror” and the real culprit, in this story is…

M. Novakovic, FBR editor




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