Go figure it now: An Islamic country just outlawed Burka and Niqab while “Democratic West” is proud for allowing it!

Burka and niqab just outlawed, and that happened in Algeria (not in Germany…)

Friday- 19.10.2018, Vesti-Online.com

 The Government of Algeria has banned covering of faces at all public work places- by using veils and clothing such burka and niqab…

Photo illustration

Premier Ahmed Ujauha has requested from his ministers and governors to strictly obey the newest instructions (law), in order “to prevent personal dressing which impedes with the normal functioning of public services”.

He highlighted that the newest ban specifically applies to the niqab (particularly the one which doesn’t even have “the eyes slot” and comes with “the mash screen”) the news agency DPA is reporting.

The government media liaison has underlined that all public employees must be identifiable at their workplaces throughout the country, to avoid and prevent security threats.

The media liaison added that all public service employees have to demonstrate “good and respectable interactions with public, in accordance with the laws and principles which regulate public and government services, including neutrality, continuance and transparency”.

The “Vesti-Online” article translated from Serbian, by editor M. Novakovic

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