UN Swedish judge in Kosovo: Americans were `dispatching` Albanian terrorists to commit atrocities inside Serbia!

UN Swedish judge in Kosovo: Americans were supporting (and escorting) Albanian KLA terrorists to commit atrocities inside Serbia

Original article @Serbian: Vestionline, Tanjug (PIN translation in English)

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 The first international judge to be appointed in Kosovo Christer Karphammar states that US government officials were protecting the members of KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) from criminal prosecution for the terrorist’s acts, and that Unmik (UN mission in Kosovo) was just a decoration for creating the “monster state”.

In his interview for “Novosti” Karphamar was describing the case of bombing of the Serbian passenger bus “Nis Express” in 2001, nearby Kosovo town of Podujevo- highlighting that without any doubt the arrested KLA member Fljorim Ejupi was one of the two terrorists who planted 220 pounds of explosive under the civilian bus.

In his words “he couldn’t forget the conversation with the Albanian chief judge Hashim Mussa”, who was at that time presiding over Prishtina court- and who asked him in October 2001 to free from the custody F. Ejupi, because this way he would be “doing a great favor to the Albanian people”.

  • “Of course I didn’t do it, but anyway Ejupi was freed because the US troops have seized him from UN custody, only to later enable him to `escape` from US military base “Bondstil” (probably the best guarded military facility in Europe?)”- concluded Karphamar, whose book “The Judge in the Lawless Country” (translated in the Serbian language) will be presented in the coming Belgrade’s “Book Fair” (Sajam Knjiga).

Swedish judge highlighted the fact- That behind the tree, which was used as the cover for the “trigger line” for the bomb planted under civilian bus, were found the cigarette butts with the Fljorim Ejupi’s DNA.

  • “The laboratory from the German town of Wiesbaden confirmed without any doubt that DNA from the crime scene matched the one of Fljorim Ejupi, because he had a criminal dossier in this country, including his DNA sample. I am very sorry because I couldn’t do more for the justice in in Kosovo, but Americans simply wouldn’t allow us to process any of the Albanian terrorists”- stated Karphamar.

He described to us another incident, which took place simultaneously with the terrorist attack on the civilian bus- The British KFOR (NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo) command summoned him and his judicial team to perform the investigation in relation with the intercepted and detained large group of the heavily armed Albanian terrorists, at the “border” (Security Zone) between Kosovo and Serbia, who were intending to join “Albanian rebellion” inside Serbia proper.

But, soon they were notified, that their judicial response was cancelled.

– “The high ranking British officer arrived to Kosovo UN Court and explained that British soldiers were surrounded and outnumbered by the US special forces, and forced at the gun point to release the Albanian terrorists, so they would be able to “accomplish the mission”- The Swedish judge Karphamar told us.

Karphamar concluded his interview by stating that Unmik judiciary was (miss)used as “the decoration” (a smoke screen) for the creation of the illegal Albanian “monster state Kosovo” (within the internationally recognized Serbian’ borders), highlighting the fact that many other Unmik and KFOR members were also visibly frustrated with such “mockery of the international justice”…

The original article in Serbian @ https://www.vesti-online.com/medjunarodni-sudija-na-kim-amerikanci-su-propustali-teroriste-ovk-na-jug-srbije/?fbclid=IwAR14E1f8KDsvRLUG_mBAZQCB70N2RoDPKOW5xtSjM_Ie4KEQDhCUwf6qJjA

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