Who was really general Qassem Soleimani- And what was He doing in Bosnia and Kosovo in 1990ies!?

Who was really general Qassem Soleimani?

EDITORIAL: There are many in today Serbia, including the political leaders of the country, who would shed crocodile tears, after the Iranian general Soleimani was assassinated 11 days ago in Baghadad by the US government, but neither the general, or Islamic Republic of Iran was a real friend to Serbian people…
…Quite the opposite- As soon as the Muslim separatists in Bosnia and Kosovo started waging the terrorist and guerilla war against Serbian people in Bosnia and in Serbian province of Kosovo, Iran was the first country to dispatch volunteer Mujahedin brigades and hundreds of members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) including the notorious Scuds terrorists. And the general Soleimani was the leading Iranian officer, in charge of spreading Jihad in the Balkans. (Sarajevo Times– interview with general Soleimani, in 2017: >>>Asked by Diab whether he was in Bosnia, Qassem replied:

“Of course I was, but a long time ago, in 1993 and 1994. Wherever the Muslims need help, I am there.”<<<)

All of that was done in close cooperation with Clinton government back in 90ies, and under the CIA supervision and logistics support.
Wherever in Bosnia and Kosovo Iranian Mujahedin, IRG and Scuds terrorists were deployed (in mid and late 90ies)– over the Serbian Christian population were committed horrific atrocities, war crimes and crimes against humanities- the crimes that were the direct result of the “Joint Iranian/American Criminal Enterprise” (which ended on the turn of Millennia, with their “nasty political divorce”)!
One of the best proofs of such deviant “joint criminal enterprise” we can find in the US legislature official document> the US Senate Report, from March 31st, 1999, with title “Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties? From ‘Terrorists’ to ‘Partners'” done on the behalf of Senate Republican Policy Committee, issued by Chairman Larry E. Craig and Staff Director Jade West.
Here are some excerpts from this report, related to Iran’s involvement (entire report at the link bellow):
“`Iranian arms shipments to Bosnia: The Clinton Administration concealed its active cooperation with the Iranians for arms shipments to the Muslim fundamentalist regime of Alija Izetbegovic in Bosnia in violation of the United Nations arms embargo on the former Yugoslavia. [For details on the Clinton Administration’s active connivance with the Iranians, see RPC’s “Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base,” 1/16/97.] This track record undermines the Clinton Administration’s insistence that Russia, as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, is obligated to observe the same embargo with respect to Serbia [as stated by State Department spokesman James Rubin, daily briefing, March 24, 1999].
Reports on Islamic Terror Links –
“Diplomats in the region say Bosnia was the first bastion of Islamic power. The autonomous Yugoslav region of Kosovo promises to be the second. During the current rebellion against the Yugoslav army, the ethnic Albanians in the province, most of whom are Moslem, have been provided with financial and military support from Islamic countries. They are being bolstered by hundreds of Iranian fighters, or Mujahadeen, who infiltrate from nearby Albania and call themselves the Kosovo Liberation Army. US defense officials say the support includes that of Osama Bin Laden, the Saudi terrorist accused of masterminding the bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. A Defense Department statement on August 20 said Bin Laden’s Al Qa’ida organization supports Moslem fighters in both Bosnia and Kosovo. . . . The KLA strength was not the southern Kosovo region, which over the centuries turned from a majority of Serbs to ethnic Albanians. The KLA, however, was strong in neighboring Albania, which today has virtually no central government.
The crisis in Albania led Iran to quickly move in to fill the vacuum. Iranian Revolutionary Guards began to train KLA members. . . .
Selected groups of Albanians were sent to Iran to study that country’s version of militant Islam. So far, Yugoslav officials and Western diplomats agree that millions of dollars have been funnelled through Bosnia and Albania to buy arms for the KLA. The money is raised from both Islamic governments and from Islamic communities in Western Europe, particularly Germany. . . . ‘Iran has been active in helping out the Kosovo rebels,’ Ephraim Kam, deputy director of Tel Aviv University’s Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, said. ‘Iran sees Kosovo and Albania as containing Moslem communities that require help and Teheran is willing to do it.’ But much of the training of the KLA remains based in Bosnia. Intelligence sources say mercenaries and volunteers for the separatist movement have been recruited and paid handsome salaries. . . .
The trainers and fighters in the KLA include many of the Iranians who fought in Bosnia in the early 1990s. Intelligence sources place their number at 7,000, many of whom have married Bosnian women. There are also Afghans, Algerians, Chechens, and Egyptians.” [“Kosovo Seen as New Islamic Bastion,” Jerusalem Post, 9/14/98]
“. . . By late 1997, the Tehran-sponsored training and preparations of the Liberation Army of Kosovo (UCK — Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves — in Albanian, OVK in Serbian), as well as the transfer of weapons and experts via Albania, were being increased. Significantly, Tehran’s primary objective in Kosovo has evolved from merely assisting a Muslim minority in distress to furthering the consolidation of the Islamic strategic axis along the Sarajevo-to-Tirane line. And only by expanding and escalating subversive and Islamist-political presence can this objective be attained. . .
In the Fall of 1997, the uppermost leadership in Tehran ordered the IRGC [Revolutionary Guards] High Command to launch a major program for shipping large quantities of weapons and other military supplies to the Albanian clandestine organisations in Kosovo. [The supreme Iranian spiritual leader, the Ayatollah] Khamene’i’s instructions specifically stipulated that the comprehensive military assistance was aimed to enable the Muslims ‘to achieve the independence’ of the province of Kosovo. . . .
[B]y early December 1997, Iranian intelligence had already delivered the first shipments of hand grenades, machine-guns, assault rifles, night vision equipment, and communications gear from stockpiles in Albania into Kosovo. The mere fact that the Iranians could despatch the first supplies within a few days and in absolute secrecy reflect extensive advance preparations made in Albania in anticipation for such instructions from Tehran.
Moreover, the Iranians began sending promising Albanian and UCK commanders for advanced military training in al-Quds [special] forces and IRGC camps in Iran. Meanwhile, weapons shipments continue. Thus, Tehran is well on its way to establishing a bridgehead in Kosovo. . . The liberation army was to be only the first phase in building military power. Ultimately, the Kosovo Albanians must field such heavy weapons as tanks, armoured personnel carriers, artillery, and rocket launchers, if they hope to evict the Serbian forces from Kosovo. . . . The spate of UCK terrorism during the Fall of 1997, . . . should be considered intentional provocations against the Serbian police aimed to elicit a massive retaliation that would in turn lead to a popular uprising.
Thus, the ongoing terrorism campaign in Kosovo should be considered the initial phases in implementing the call for an uprising. Iran-sponsored activists have already spread the word through Kosovo that the liberation war has already broken out. If current trends prevail, the increasingly Islamist UCK will soon become the main factor in overturning the long-term status quo in the region. Concurrently, the terrorist activities have become part of everyday life throughout Kosovo.
Given the extent of the propaganda campaign and the assistance provided by Iran, the spread of terrorism should indeed be considered the beginning of an armed rebellion that threatens a major escalation.” [“Italy Becomes Iran’s New Base for Terrorist Operations,” by Yossef Bodansky, Defense and Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy (London), February 1998. Bodansky is Director of the House Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare. This report was written in late 1997, before the KLA’s offensive in early 1998.]“`
Link to the entire US Senate RPC report>>> https://fas.org/irp/world/para/docs/fr033199.htm

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