Who was really general Qassem Soleimani- And what was He doing in Bosnia and Kosovo in 1990ies!?

Serbian FBReporter in English

Who was really general Qassem Soleimani?

EDITORIAL: There are many in today Serbia, including the political leaders of the country, who would shed crocodile tears, after the Iranian general Soleimani was assassinated 11 days ago in Baghadad by the US government, but neither the general, or Islamic Republic of Iran was a real friend to Serbian people…
…Quite the opposite- As soon as the Muslim separatists in Bosnia and Kosovo started waging the terrorist and guerilla war against Serbian people in Bosnia and in Serbian province of Kosovo, Iran was the first country to dispatch volunteer Mujahedin brigades and hundreds of members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) including the notorious Scuds terrorists. And the general Soleimani was the leading Iranian officer, in charge of spreading Jihad in the Balkans. (Sarajevo Times– interview with general Soleimani, in 2017: >>>Asked by Diab whether he was in Bosnia, Qassem replied:


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