Did NATO gave Al-Qaeda an idea how to attack NY Towers on September 11 by bombing civilian skyscraper in Belgrade?

On April 21st 1999 multiple US warplanes- which conducted majority of air strikes against Serbia (then Yugoslavia) as part of the NATO led illegal aggression against this sovereign nation- fired missiles at Business Center “USCE” located in Serbian capital Belgrade, setting it on fire, by ultimately failing to “bring it down”.


If you look at the above pictures, the similarity with “two terrorist’s attacks” is very obvious. If we look at the background and the real motives behind NATO (US) aggression against Yugoslavia, then some things become more clear…

At the end of 20th century “The Western Civilization” was trying to burn down one of the oldest “Capitols” in Europe- under the cynical pretext of “Humanitarian Bombing”…

…In late 1990ies dysfunctional and obsolete NATO alliance (at the time the Cold War was over, and Berlin Wall came down) was trying to re-establish own purpose. That was the time when some leading European nations were “thinking loudly” about leaving NATO and forming some new European military alliance. In same time US administration was desperate to preserve NATO under own command, not only because it needed their “cheap military labor”, but more importantly, conducting own “war diplomacy” under NATO umbrella, was providing them with more political credibility.

Such covert and sinister US strategic approach to global affairs was very obvious and very visible on the example of illegal NATO war against Yugoslavia in spring of 1999, which lasted three months in a form of the relentless bombing of tiny Yugoslavia- and will be remembered as the most savage bombing of one sovereign European nation after WWII.

US and NATO did nothing to prevent Albanian “good terrorists” from killing Christians in Kosovo and from destroying Christian monuments, many under UNESCO protection..

Cynically, NATO and US planers in their informal communications nicknamed this savage military campaign as a “Humanitarian Bombing”- formally justified as humanitarian intervention against Serbian repression against own Province of Kosovo and Metohija.  Only they failed to mention that at the time of massive Serbian police operations against ruthless and criminal KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) insurgents in Kosovo in 1997 and 1998, the same KLA was listed by US State Department as a terrorist organization. Conveniently, in the eve of NATO (US) aggression against Yugoslavia Albanian terrorists were taken of “the terrorist list” and re-branded as “freedom fighters”. Not surprising, if you remember how “Afghan Mujahedin Freedom Fighters” from Cold War era, later were re-branded as Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Bosnian “El-Mujahid” terrorists, co-sponsored by USG..

WIKIPEDIA> Al-Qaeda in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the al-Qaeda branch based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, formed during the Bosnian War in 1992. During the Bosnian War, the group contributed volunteers to the Bosnian mujahideen (called El Mudžahid), a volunteer detachment of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The group operated through the Saudi High Commission for Relief of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SHC), and after the war carried out the Mostar car bombing in 1997… During the Bosnian War, al-Qaeda contributed to the radicalisation of European Muslims. Al-Qaeda’s operations in Bosnia were led by Ayman al-Zawahiri in 1993. Al-Qaeda-leader Osama bin Laden, is thought to have visited camps in the country between 1994 and 1996, having been issued a Bosnian passport in 1993.[1] Volunteer mujahideen arrived from all around the world, including FranceIndonesiaIraqMalaysiaMoroccoRussiaSaudi ArabiaSpainThailand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Yemen…After the war, al-Qaeda reestablished its connections in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Saudi High Commission (SHC) charity organization. The charity was formed in 1993 by the decree of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. It acted as a “fully integrated component of al-Qa[e]da’s logistical and financial support infrastructure”.[2]

The organization was closely tied and financed by the Saudi government, for which reason an American judge declared it immune after the September 11 attacks in 2001, concluding that it’s a body of the Saudi government…

The West was “applauding” those “Good Terrorists” from Bosnian War in 90ies..

That is how we came to learn about the expressions: “the bad terrorists” and “the good terrorists”. But we knew it long before the US led “Global War on Terrorism”. We saw in early 90ies NATO airplanes, CIA operatives and other US (para)military branches, transporting thousands of blood thirsty Mujahedin and Al-Qaeda “fighters”, via Albania and Croatia, to Bosnia to help establishment of first Islamic State in Europe, where they were given free hands to commit horrible atrocities against Serbian and other Christians. Long prior ISIS pictures of their beheaded victims, the identical pictures were coming from Bosnia- but the world couldn’t care less, because those “good terrorists” were acting under NATO and US protection. Not to mention that first Islamic State (Bosnia) was housing and training some of September 11 attackers, and was “frequented” by Osama Bin Laden in person…

So the only dilemma arising from this story is- Are NATO and US “the bad” or “the good” terrorists.

But the terrorists they are, that’s for sure…         

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