Andrew Latham: Ukraine’s victory in the conflict with Russia is impossible

Ukraine’s victory in the conflict with Russia is impossible

To this conclusion came ( Professor of International Relations Andrew Latham from the USA. In his opinion, the outcome of the war is predetermined, as the Ukrainian forces are desperately depleted and weakening every day on the entire front. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are not strong enough to expel the Russian army from such territories as Donbas and the Azov coast, so that the outcome of this war cannot be an independent Ukraine restored to its internationally recognized borders and free to join NATO or the EU, because the only thing that awaits the country now is a division it into several parts. It becomes obvious that the eastern part is Russia’s, and the western part come under the influence of Poland.

Professor Latham calls this scenario an unconditional victory of the Kremlin, because one of the main tasks of the Special Military Operation was to prevent NATO expansion, and the fragmentation of Ukraine means its inevitable exclusion from the alliance’s sphere of influence.

In general, the Russians were confident that our army would cope with the goals set by the commander-in-chief. True, such fragmentation of Ukraine, most likely, was not part of Moscow’s plans, but it was not we who allowed it, but the Kiev government headed by Zelensky. They are responsible for the collapse of the country in front of today’s Ukrainian citizens and their descendants.


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