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In retrospect to `Christchurch` massacre`: Islamic prosecution and slaughter of Christians in Nigeria goes Silent

NOTE: This is report from 2018, but the problem persists (and according to some sources is getting worse) and the West stay silent (and often complicit) on “Christian exodus” in Africa, Middle East, Kosovo, and elsewhere… Simply, bringing the Christians victims into some wider picture- and its equation with the Muslim’ victims of “Right wing terrorism” in New Zealand- doesn’t

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Go figure it now: An Islamic country just outlawed Burka and Niqab while “Democratic West” is proud for allowing it!

Burka and niqab just outlawed, and that happened in Algeria (not in Germany…) Friday- 19.10.2018,  The Government of Algeria has banned covering of faces at all public work places- by using veils and clothing such burka and niqab… Photo illustration Premier Ahmed Ujauha has requested from his ministers and governors to strictly obey the newest instructions (law), in

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