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Shocking admission by former UN judge in Kosovo- US government was training and protecting Albanian terrorists

“Based on DNA evidence at the scene it was determined that one of the potential culprits was Florim Ejupi. I asked that he and three other former KLA members be taken to UN detention. However, they were transferred to US camp Bondsteel, into the supposedly safest place in Kosovo, from where the Ejupi escaped,”. It later emerged that Ejupi had been trained by the CIA, said the Swedish judge..

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Swedish NGOs: Serbian Church and Society is violent and homophobic

11.10.2012 Branko Ilic , Serbian FBReporter     In a statement for Swedish Radio General Secretary of the Swedish NGO Robert Hårdh “defenders of civil rights,” stated harsh assessment on reviews  at the expense of Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian society, accusing them of extreme  homophobic and violence against minorities. “Robert Hårdh – Executive Director of Civil Rights Defenders  

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