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Gorraiz: Are the US and Cuba negotiating the future of Venezuela?

Maduro’s decision to confiscate the General Motors plant was seen by the Trump Administration as an attack against the interests of US multinationals, a scenario that was exploited by the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, (former President and CEO of Exxon Mobil when it was nationalized in 2007 by Hugo Chávez) to declare Chavista Venezuela a “dangerous enemy of

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Historian’ reply to US Diplomat who accused Serbia `Being on wrong side of history` by respecting Venezuela sovereignty

“You are the only country in the mankind history which used nuclear bombs (against civilian targets), and you did that when the war was already over, you sprayed (intentionally) many countries with (poisonous and deadly) Depleted Uranium…! Who are you to judge- who is on the wrong side of history… Are you saying that we should be on your’ side,

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Alberto Fazolo: Guaidò, the former pupil of Serbian Otpor (`Revolution’ Export NGO`)

`Now we learn that the Venezuelan coup leader, Juan Guaidò, was one of the students of CANVAS, trained in Belgrade since 2005. If they were stopped in time, so many wars and suffering could have been avoided. Now we have to fight to defend Venezuela and other countries that do not want to bend (to Western Imperialism). We do this

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