Kosovo and Metohia: albanian vandalism aiming all orthodox Serbs… dead or alive!!!

News from the occupied Kosovo and Metohia


* About 50 tombstones at the Orthodox cemetery in Prizren were torn down during the night, said KIM radio

* The National liberation fighters monument from World War II in the centre of Vitina, was torn down today around noon, reports Radio Klokot.


* A mine exploded in Priluzje in Andjelkovic: a family tomb and its monument blew into pieces. A large number of wooden crosses were burnt at the cemetery

* A Serbian cemetery was destroyed last night in the village Milosevo and the Serbian Orthodox cemetery was damaged  in the village Plemetina.

* The altar of a chapel at the Orthodox cemetery in Milosevo near Obilic was set on fire and burnt. Also some monuments were desecrated.


* Goraždevac: During the night, unknown persons desecrated a monument to the victims of  NATO bombings and  to the Serbian children who were killed by the albanian terrorists in the Bistrica River in 2003. The monument was shot by bullets. This incident has upset about  thousand Serbs living in this Metohia village.

* In Djakovica last night, after the albanian protest, one part of the protesters went towrards the restored monastery of the Holy Virgin,  burnt on March 17th  2004.  Four nuns live in this monastery. Strong police forces prevented the attack of the monastery.


Unknown persons at 8.40 p.m. threw two “Molotov cocktails”on the Kosovska Mitrovica Municipality building, causing minor damages. The attack took place in the presence of KFOR soldiers.

* Serbian Orthodox cemetery in the village of Klokot, Vitina was demolished.
A  few days ago, the cemetery in Kosovo Polje was desecrated.

* In the Kosovo and Metohija territory, 5261 gravestones were destroyed and damaged, and most of the cemeteries became inaccessible, because they were turned into dumps or they became overgrown with darnel and bushes – according to the Kosovo Office report.

FBR, translation Svetlana Maksovic

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