Russians are ready to turn off gas to Kiev and EU- Ukrainian MP’s are ready to sack Yatsenyuk!?

While discontent (and civil unrest) with the government within Ukraine is growing, and the country is literally falling apart- Kiev’ habit to “steal” Russian gas might come to an end. Probably with the hefty price for their “EU sponsors”.

As president Putin warned just a day ago, that Russia is ready to completely cut off gas supply going through this country, ran by savage “right wingers” and incompetent state officials- Gazprom is already taking practical measures to turn off pipe-line, by March 2nd.

The latest news is that Kiev’ was able to “beg out” some $15 millions from the “Western warmongers” (as a part of their first payment for Russian gas).

Still the question remains- when Kiev’ self proclaimed regime will again resort to the “gas theft” from Russia, and to another “blackmail” of their EU “sponsors”; Who, at the end of the day, will pay the “ultimate price” of this Western’ (self-destructive) game… (FBR comment by M. Novakovic)


Discontent with Ukraine’s government grows amid coming economic collapse — media

February 27, 10:40 UTC+3
The article reads many coalition deputies are ready to vote for Yatsenyuk’s resignation

Ukraine's prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the session of Ukraine's Cabinet of ministers

Ukraine’s prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the session of Ukraine’s Cabinet of ministers

© Maxim Nikitin/TASS

KIEV, February 27. /TASS/. The Ukrainian parliament grows dissatisfied with the government led by Arseniy Yatsenyuk that is unable to stop the collapse of the country’s economy and hryvnia, the Vesti Internet portal reported on Friday.

“Off-the-record, even many coalition deputies say that they are ready to press the “yes” button if the Yatsenyuk’s resignation is put up for the voting, even if the faction decides not to do this,” the article reads.

One of the deputies said a total of 200 billion hryvnias was printed within just one year when Yatsenyuk came to power, compared with 180 billion hryvnias during the four years when the government was led by ex-prime minister Mykola Azarov.

“This government needs to be toppled,” the parliamentarian said, while adding that there are practically no chances that the voting will be held.

On Thursday, Yatsenyuk called for immediately convening a parliamentary coalition to adopt a number of laws that could help the government stabilize the financial system in the country.

Ukraine’s National Bank on Thursday set its official rate to a record low level of 30.01 hryvnia per dollar, down from 28.05 on Wednesday.

On Thursday, several protesters were injured when police dispersed a rally outside the National Bank’s building in Kiev. The protesters have been demanding resignation of Ukraine’s National Bank Governor Valeria Gontareva and her first deputy Alexander Pisarchuk for several days.

The rally has been already dubbed the “financial Maidan,” media reports said.

Russia can stop gas supplies to Ukraine before meeting in Brussels — energy minister

February 27, 10:05 UTC+3
Russian Energy Minister Alxander Novak noted that Gazprom is aware the Ukrainian side has wired $15 million but the money hasn’t been received by the Russian energy giant yet

©  Vladimir Smirnov/TASS

KRASNOYARSK, February 27. /TASS/. The is a possibility that Russia’s gas supplies to Ukraine will be stopped before the meeting in Brussels planned for March 2, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists at the Krasnoyarsk economic forum.

The minister said the gas supplies will continue only on condition that prepaymant by the Ukrainian side is made “one of these days”.

Novak noted that Gazprom is aware the Ukrainian side has wired $15 million but the money hasn’t been received by the Russian energy giant yet. As stated eralier, it takes around two days to credit a payment to Gazprom’s accounts. According to Gazprom, funds transferred in February cover Russian gas supplies to Ukraine only until the end of the week.The minister earlier confirmed Russia’s participation in the trilateral gas meeting in Brussels on March 2 that will discuss current gas supplies to Ukraine and ensuring its transit to the European Union.

“Yes, I have confirmed my participation and we plan to discuss in Brussels a whole range of our mutual relations and namely the implementation of the October 31 Brussels agreements,” Novak said.

The talks will focus on the so-called winter package and Russia-EU energy dialogue, as well as gas supplies to the war-torn eastern Ukrainian regions. “I think that this issue will be touched upon, of course,” Novak told a TASS correspondent.

Earlier this week, Vice President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic invited the energy ministers of Russia and Ukraine, Alexander Novak and Vladimir Demchishin, for the three-way gas meeting in Brussels.

Infographics Russia's gas pipelines to Europe by 2018 Russia’s gas pipelines to Europe by 2018

Russia’s gas giant Gazprom intends to completely abandon gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine after 2018 with the help of a new pipeline to Turkey. Infographics by TASS

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