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Do you know any example that students of some faculty, anywhere in the world, had an idea to convey to the students of the world, suggesting common action?


Can you imagine simple & easy action
which could lead to a swift, unstoppable, significant, great & positive change?


Can we speak to the world (about the world and ourselves) so the world hears us?


How can we break through the wall of imperialist propaganda about goodness of the empire and evil of their victims?


Can we speak about victims of imperialism so that even twitter generation cannot pretend to overhear the truth?
Can we speak about imperialism so that even loyal subjects of the aggressive empires cannot keep the posture of conceited superiority of “humanitarian interventionism” of their empire?


We are seeking formula shorter than their patience…
faster than their evasion.


Can we place the truth in front of the world and citizens of NATO empires so they cannot dispute it, nor obscure it?


Can we ask them such questions they cannot evade, and would be forced to answer, whether they speak or not?


Can we ask them such questions so we all finally see who they are, whether they want it or not?




Can we place in front of them a… mirror?






Can we make the mirror of – two words?











АгораБеоград РАДИОАКТИВ ЦРН = radioaktiv crn AgoraBeograd


Uranium Crimes


Seven Red Points
Седам црвених тачака

1. We demand that international team of journalists and filmmakers (Frieder Wagner, John Pilger, Vaclav Dvorak, Emir Kusturica, Boris Malagurski, Fouad Hady and Michael Moore) gather a team that would follow the trail of uranium crimes of NATO empires, to film the consequences of uranium crimes and present them to the world. They should also present the facts about exploitation of Iraqi oil since the occupation to this day.

2. We demand that the uranium crimes be investigated, truth established and published.
We demand justice for victims and perpetrators of uranium crimes, committed against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia/Republic of Srpska & Serbia, and against million US soldiers poisoned & contaminated by the uranium made in USA.

3. We are against voting imperialist ($)parties and their ($)politicians [“democrats” & “republicans” and their EU clo(w)nes] who ordered, authorised, permited & left unpunished uranium crimes. We demand that peoples and states boycott $politicians.

4. We suggest that the people’s movement be formed in United States, one that would run for the US Congress, and that amongst the priorities of the people’s movement must be justice for the victims and justice for the perpetrators of uranium crimes. So the honourable citizens of USA would never again vote for the murderers of millions of children of Iraq, Vietnam… Never again for yin-yang of $parties – “democrats” & “republicans”.

5. We demand that the corporations which profited from uranium crimes bear lion’s share of all the costs and damages caused by uranium crimes.

6. Julian Assange is hero and Dreyfuss of our time, founder of WikiLeaks, organization that most efficiently fights against the crime of hiding crimes.
Attack on Julian Assange is the crime of hiding the crime of aggression, invasion, occupation and genocide NATO empires committed against people of Iraq and Afghanistan – crimes Assange currageoussly exposed.
Swedish prosecutors insist that Assange, innocent and not accused, remains walled off, because they demand to speak to him, all the time – refusing to speak to him.
Kafka weeps. EU is unashamed.

АгораБеоград €U ÜBER ALLES + €U VALUES = ЕУ ВРЕДНОСТИ vs AgoraBeograd Студенти (Students) vs BRAIN WASHINGton


We demand freedom for Julian Assange.

7. We demand that students around the world consider, debate, decide and vote about these points, about the justice for the victims and perpetrators of uranium crimes, and about crushing the shackles made in EU/USA for Julian Assange.
We suggest that students vote on all of these points at assemblies of all students, not at the parliaments of the “chosen” ones.
We should encourage each other this way.
We should inspire each other this way.




We have…


We have two words =




And with those two words we are breaking all the walls of their propaganda.
Not a single atom of honour could survive in the motives of the empires that fired uranium on their victims.
Everything they wanted to destroy they could with conventional weapons, yet they used uranium, knowing the hellish consequences – they sought hell.

We have…
One slogan = justice for the victims and perpetrators of uranium crimes.


We have…
One sentence = We demand justice for the victims and perpetrators of uranium crimes NATO empires committed against the people of Iraq, Afhganistan, Libya and Yugoslavia/Republic of Srpska & Serbia.


We have proposal for a program to debate = seven red points.
Let us talk about it.


We have one text to consider =
“АгораБеоград: Why Was Osama Bin Lade Killed“ (at[1]
where the nature and intentions of uranium crimes of NATO empires are analysed in the story of Iraq, at every aspect and against every contention.
There are basic facts and aspects listed for all who are uncertain, or want to test the proposed 7 red points, and for anyone willing to organize the debate & voting about uranium crimes.


We have…
One documentary – Deadly Dust (Todesstaub)
covering the victims of uranium crimes.
Author Frieder Wagner followed the trail of “deadly dust”, on a path of NATO uranium fired against Iraq, Afghanistan, Republic of Srpska and Serbia.

You should also watch precious documentary by John Pilger: “Paying the price – Killing the Children of Iraq”.


And, of course, we have plenty of material more for all of these cathegories, but it is good to know the first step, proper summary and introduction for each.



We will have…


We will have two maps, both priceless:


Map of blue dots – Universities around the world where students demand NO justice for uranium crimes – neither for victims, nor for perpetrators.


Silence is just a refusal more perfidious, but equally clear, because there are no neutrals on the issue of uranium crimes.
We, and all the world, everyone would know that departments for human sciences on such blue dot-universities are nothing but clo(w)ne factories of loyal servants & future lords of their empires.
And what are their physicists, biologists, engineers, chemists, doctors… all of whom know uranium better than those of human sciences… well, that’s visible from the Moon.
It is of great importance placing this mirror in front of the world and universities, so everyone would reveal one’s soul, and all those honourable students who are against uranium crimes (and that means willing to do something about it), even if alone in their humanity amongst the colleagues, could clerly see everone who support the crimes.


Map of red dots – Universities which joined in demanding justice against uranium crimes.


Such an echoe to the initiative of any faculty would encourage students for future lively deliberations, debates & decisions about society and humankind, and building bridges amongst the colleagues and nations around the world.



From the moment students of any faculty organize first assembly of all students to debate, decide and vote against uranium crimes – the talk of mature people may begin.

Finally adults would debate the most important issues like adults.
To this day, it appears that it is possible to kill million Iraqi children in the uranium crime, that would therefore never stop, and not only never face the law, but perpetrators furthermore can exploit the oil, enjoy the profits, power and privileges the crime granted them, they are furthermore respected, consulted as experts (of what?), they are rewarded, awarded and – elected, yet nowhere in the north-atlantic world you can find humane systematic lasting reactions of organized groups or institutions to uranium crimes, but only of honourable individuals.
If students’ assembly of a single faculty changes thismuch – by that act alone they have changed the world.
If many join in, the probability of using radioactive weapon in the future conflicts decreases, if nothing else.


We have a chance to help victims of uranium crimes.


Who could be against that?
And why?


This act strengthens the idea and institution of the assembly of all students – contrary to the parliaments of the “chosen” ones, which usually reflect the will, perspective and the worries of all students just as the parliaments in western democracies reflect the will of the people.


Anyone can participate


Every one of us, especially the privileged/with access to internet, everyone can support justice against uranium crimes, and spread the idea amongst friends, particularly to all students…


Greatest obstacles

  • Students won’t talk politics 😦
  • Other students won’t do it (not me) 😦
  • Won’t succeed, there will be zero response 😦
  • Won’t succeed, won’t change the world, no one will be punished… 😦
  • Utopia 😦


The power of imperialism resides in…


Power of modern north-athlantic imperialism in greatest measure resides in – our consents.
Greatest obstacles for effective fight against (crimes of) imperialism are – in our spirit, or in the lack of it.
Neo-neo-colonialism is the rule of empires predominantly by subjugating the spirit of the colonized.
And in the subjugated spirit, body is subdued too, only the new chains are invisible, so freedom is perhaps harder to reach.
“Peak of the – bottom”, real triumph of western imperialism is that even the subjugated victims of NATO empires VOTE for their chains.
Any resemblance with our experience is – historical.
Let us see the invisible – chains, and let’s break them.



Why anti-uranium is not utopia


Why students vote against uranium crimes is not utopia?

Because about all these red points students of the world have already – voted.

With our silence on seven red questions about uranium crimes, all of us in the north-atlantic world have accepted and consented that the NATO empires can kill million children of Iraq and poison countless generations more, not only without a punishment, but that the perpetrators of uranium crimes, can, in return be rewarded, awarded…





…and elected…



…and that we, “politically correctly”, won’t raise our voice against our silence nor our vote.
And we keep – silent.


Our silence today means:


  • That we do not want Wagner, Pilger, Dvorak, Kusturica, Moore and Malagurski (nor their teams) to record and show the truth about uranium crimes…
  • We do not seek the justice for the victims, nor for the perpetrators of uranium crimes…
  • We insist that the perpetrators, $politicians, their imperialis $parties and programs be voted to the positions of power, where they would continue to control the most expensive army in the history of mankind…
  • We insist that the honourable people of United States do not open the debate about the movement of, by & for the people that would seek justice against uranium crimes…
  • We insist that corporations continue reaping profits of uranium crimes, unpunished,without a cost or loss, and that they may continue financing with blood money the same $parties & $politicians for future radioactive aggressions…
  • We insist that Julian Assange and other brave individuals who speak the truth about the crimes and seek justice – be punished, sacrified and forgotten…
  • We insist that neither students, nor citizens deliberate, debate, decide, ask, or vote about anything important…


If you disagree with the claims listed above, where have you expressed your view publicly and organized?
To be aware of the crime, against the crime, yet to keep quiet about it, do nothing, such “cupboard morality”, is worse and more dangerous than immorality, because it shows our full awareness of the crime, and a choice – for the crime.
Our sin of silence today, in the north-atlantic world of western democracies is incomparably higher than it would have been before the world war, because we enjoy incomparably greater freedom to think, speak, gather, connect, organize, learn and decide.


Thus we have proved that expressing our will about uranium crimes is by no means utopia, because our silence and not acting means we have decided and approved all the uranium crimes.
In the points listed above we can hear the sound of our silence.


😦 Other students won’t…


Standard excuse – “the others won’t” – is a fog we use to disguise – “I won’t”.
We are not to decide what will others do.
You, Peter Petrovich, decide about one single voice & vote – yours.
And you can support the idea of demanding justice against the uranium crimes.
Everything else means you are all right with it.
There are no neutrals here.
😦 Won’t succeed


Forecast of success or failure…
Just another modern excuse to do nothing…


You are not antifascist because success is guaranteed or rewarded…
But because fascism is evil, and you are against the evil.


Being against evil is not a mission meant to be packed in a jar in the cellar, but a spirit that constantly needs to be reaffirmed with action.
Antiimperialist spirit – in the bottle – is not breathing, but it’s dead.


Victory of good is not guaranteed even if we do everything the best we can, but triumph of evil is if against the gravest crimes, that usually are the crimes of imperialism, we continue our silence.


😦  No one will be punished


Punishment is not the priority. Criminals are not the most important.
It is more important that the good people of the West – side with the good, for a change.
It is more important that we all deny any support, even the shameful, dangerous consent by silence.


Western democracies are manipulated, controlled democracies, meaning that between the people and the democracy there is an inpenetrable wall of $media – so called “mainstream”.
People of the north-atlantic world do not decide about anything important.
Healthcare, war, peace, uranium… all issues out of the reach of the citizens.
People are deluded by the false choice between one puppet of imperialism because of epidermis, or another puppet of imperialism by the virtue of sex, haircut &tc….


Let us choose the most important issues, seek the best solutions, debate, decide & vote about it all, and let us demand and suggest the same to everyone.
Let us lead by example – demanding justice against uranium crimes.



The most important = we have an opportunity to move the good people around the planet
To help victims of uranium crimes.
There is a great need for medical treatment, medicine, doctors, medical equipment, cleaning of radioactive material, there is a great need for investigation, for truth, justice and just laws and courts, for court proceeding…
It is crucial that we demand all that.
It is necessary that you demand all that.


If you won’t, that is not because your predictions about evil are – good, but rather that your work for the good, work against evil, is weak.
We do not choose instead of humankind, but for the humankind, with this one life we have.


😦  Students won’t talk politics


Word “politics” comes from the greek “polis” – city, it is a word-monument of the Greek city-states and history.
If you speak about society (broader sence) amongst friends of Sega® generation (society narrow sence), they would usually protest – “Ah, politics!” – and leave.
In fact, they protested – “Ah, society!” – and fled. With indignation.


Such behaviour and culture is not just a matter of occasional, spontaneous whim of an individual, but is planted and cultivated.


Imperialism does not want citizens but loyal subjects, consumers, servants and victims, and above all of them, the rich and the true lords of the empire.



They want to reduce the educated middle-class to experts who do not think about the society.
That is  Werner von Braun syndrome.
He was Hitler’s ingenoius engineer, constructor of notorious V (fau) rockets, for which the Jews were worked to death, London was bombed and the whole anti-fascist world waited in line for destruction and annihilation.

The very same von Braun, when his first lord was defeated, became in US chief visionary, initiator and engineer of the flight to Moon.


Wether the scientist is directed to reach the stars or ensnared to scorch the Blue Planet, the only nest we have – it’s not the same. And this choice cannot be left to Hitler, nor Brzezinsky, not even to Clintons, Rochefelers & Rothchields, Soros or other lords of the money, nor aristocracy of Pentagon, Bruxelles and Bilderberg, Congress or EU parliament…


They want our children to become what Werner von Braun was.
And that’s what governments and media of the north-atlantic world tirelessly shape them into.
The question is – what the youth wants to make out of themselves?


If we do not talk about society… then we talk about personal… whatevers.
And that is the EGO ÜBER ALLES – society.


Let the uranium be mater of politics,
but uranium is matter of physics, and biology, and medicine, and history, and literature – if it’s not blind, uranium fired against a country, against people is a matter of wounded past, and poisoned future, and life, and death.

And crime.

And pain.

And children.

Whom we betrayed.

AgoraBeograd Студенти (Students) vs BRAIN WASHINGton IRAQI BOY WE OWE HIM LIFE (WITHOUT PAIN) +Hidden Wars of Desert Storm 2000 АгораБеоград


If students cannot speak about them, then what can they speak about?

If students cannot be human while students, then when will they become human?

If today the exams and professors are excuse to put the society in brackets, to dedicate themselves exclusively to personal matters, then tomorrow even stronger excuse would be a boss and salary (price of a person for sale?), wife or husband, children… but one’s own, never those of other people… and everything, always, in everything is going to be excuse to spare and postpone our humanity for the – coffin.




Fine day to be human is always – today.










Бадњи дан





За ФБРепортер,
Ђорђе М. Лалић


[1] “АгораБеоград: Why Was Osama Bin Laden Killed
Why The Mainstreamists Will Never Guess/Tell – Why
& How is That a Challenge to You & 9/11 Truthseekers
[ btw What is Missing from Hillary Clinton Nomination]”агорабеоград-why-was-osama-bin-laden-killed/

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