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CNN: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: “Depleted uranium does not kill anybody!” (Redefining the “mainstream”)

CNN: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: “Depleted uranium does not kill anybody!“ (Redefining the “mainstream”)   In 2015 “mainstream” of the great migration from Africa and Asia to Europe went through Serbia, and the “mainstream” media followed them for a while. As a rule, victims of north-Atlantic imperialism are conveniently beyond the horizon, but now, many of them walk the streets of

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[Only when you answer the question you have read, proceed reading the next one.]   Do you know any example that students of some faculty, anywhere in the world, had an idea to convey to the students of the world, suggesting common action?   Can you imagine simple & easy action which could lead to a swift, unstoppable, significant, great

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АгораБеоград: Why Was Osama Bin Laden Killed

АгораБеоград: Why Was Osama Bin Laden Killed Why The Mainstreamists Will Never Guess/Tell – Why & How is That a Challenge to You & 9/11 Truthseekers [ btw What is Missing from Hillary Clinton Nomination ] Seymour Hersh, great US journalist, first distinguished for uncovering the Mi Lai massacre in Vietnam (1968), [just as gen. Collin Powell distinguished & launched

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