CNN: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: “Depleted uranium does not kill anybody!” (Redefining the “mainstream”)

“Depleted uranium does not kill anybody!“
(Redefining the “mainstream”)


In 2015 “mainstream” of the great migration from Africa and Asia to Europe went through Serbia, and the “mainstream” media followed them for a while.

As a rule, victims of north-Atlantic imperialism are conveniently beyond the horizon, but now, many of them walk the streets of Europe.

Even “mainstream” was compelled to show some compassion obliging them to nothing. While insisting on personal stories of the refugees, mainstremists somehow fail to notice what connects Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria… We should not expect to find amongst the waves of the “mainstream” – what forces destroyed the countries now millions of refugees leave behind.

After all, why would political and media “mainstream” be the solution for the catastrophe of their own making? Could it be that the true mission of the “mainstream” is to keep us blind to the solution?

While all the cameras and pencils were pointed at the refugees and migrants, along their path in Serbia, we could approach journalists of the “mainstream”, and even if for a blink of an eye, reach behind the impenetrable corporate screens. With some luck and diplomacy you could even ask them a question, and many wait for their answer. Those are the questions which may demonstrate and prove the nature of the “mainstream” media and politics, if only anyone cared to ask them.

In Horgosh, Serbian side of the Serbia-Hungary border crossing, day after clashes of Hungarian police with the refugees/migrants (September 15th, 2015) near the EU tucked in NATO wire, we had an opportunity to evaluate everything we think and know about the “mainstream”. Let us take this chance to redefine the term “mainstream”, even to change the very name “mainstream”, because there is no need whatsoever to call them the way they endearingly call themselves.

The Smoking Gun
that could come in the form of…[1]



What is the “mainstream”?

Mainstremists define the “mainstream” as a seal of quality and reliability of reporting.
If the “mainstream” claims that an aeroplane fell, we can be sure that it – fell.
If the “mainstream” accuses Mr President of USA that he shares his time with his secretary in Oval office, we can be sure that he is there, that everything is like the “mainstream” gossips about them (mainstrip-tease journalism) and that their relationship is the most significant issue of the (wild western) world at that point.
If the “mainstream” claims that Iraq has “weapons of mass destruction”, we can be sure that Iraq has – none of it, and that under no circumstances, no one of the mainstremists would ever renounce the occupation or the loot and gains for their empire, even after destroying and conquering Iraq the very destroyer and conqueror concedes there is no (Iraqi) WMD in Iraq, and some of the mainstremists confess a “mistake” and “apologize”. Like the crime of aggression, the supreme crime of international law, crime Nazis were hanged for in Nuremberg, could be committed in a sleep, by a mistake instead of criminal plan for conquering.
“War Made Easy” – Norman Salomon documentary shows how even occasional “sorry” of the “mainstream” is nothing but a part of the propaganda cycle of the crime of aggression. Just do not switch the channel. Nor the (western) course. They need your faith for the next aggression.
And it goes without saying that the US/UK/NATO WMD in Iraq never caused any alarm amongst the mainstremists, let alone inspire them to call for bombing any of the NATO countries.

“Mainstream” is the main stream, and in comparison, explicitly or implicitly, everything else is – extreme, eccentric, abnormal or at least irrelevant.
“Mainstream” is the centre of normal – the mainstremists claim about themselves, but who they really are, and what is their mission?

Each aggression of their empires the mainstream flooded with oceans of irrelevant and buried under mountains of propaganda.
Can we break through their mountains, walls and fogs, screens and papers, in couple of sentences?

We have a chance to ask the “mainstream” a single question, because when they hear the first one, they would be too busy to hear the next.

How could we in a single question for the mainstremists and with their answer – demonstrate, define and prove – what the “mainstream” is?


We ask the CNN®

We have asked Benjamin Wedeman of CNN®, prominent war correspondent, Middle East expert, multiple EMI® award recipient…


“There are estimated million Iraqi children dead due US/UK sanctions and uranium.
Is there any  CNN® initiative or any “mainstream” media initiative that this crime does not remain unpunished?”.



„We report the news.
We are not human rights organization.

But as a news organization, we are not…
You need to ask that question to Human Rights Watch®, Amnesty International®…




We have asked the HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH®.

Few steps from the EU NATO wire, next to Horgosh railway where the great migrations from Asia and Africa marched to EUnion last summer, we have already asked couple of days earlier…


Peter Bouckaert, Human Rights Watch’s emergencies director and an expert in humanitarian crises, responsible for coordinating the organization’s (HRWatch®) response to major wars and other human rights crises, Stanford Law School graduate, specializing in the laws of war, a veteran of fact-finding missions to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq…[2]:



“Million Iraqi children are dead due sanctions and depleted uranium made in USA/UK, Madeleine Albright famously said “It’s worth it”…

Is there a Human Rights Watch initiative® for this crime to be punished?”






In the words of smiling, Serbian NGO’s enriched with NATO-philia
– depleted uranium…


“It’s only matter of mass. It has no radiation.
That is one of those lies that are perpetually thrown into the land (Serbia).”


Mission – perpetual injection of truth into the land
& defending the poor depleted uranium fired across the land
from the smear campaigns of the people of the land

NATO empires fire uranium on their victims.
Imperial media say – Don’t ask us, ask imperial humanitarian organizations.
Imperial humanitarians say – uranium does not kill anybody…
NATO NGO’s are – thrilled to recommend uranium as a healthy thing, but only to the victims of their employer.
Loyal subjects of the empires are – silent.
So the circle is closed.
For now.


Crash course of humanity for HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH®.

Basic course of law for Stanford Law School graduates,
course of humanity for HUMAN RIGHTS WATCHmen®,
laws of war for their experts in laws of war,
and course of finding basic facts in Kosovo, Metohia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya… for HRWatch® veterans of fact finding missions to Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq… might begin like this:

Firing uranium missiles is a crime forbidden by the international law, because:

  1. Effects of uranium weapon cannot be limited in space;
  2. Effects of uranium weapon cannot be limited in time – uranium crime lasts forever;
  3. Uranium weapon cannot be limited to combatants (kills indiscriminately) – civilians inevitably suffer;
  4. Uranium weapon kills cruelly, viciously, inflicting heavy wounds and pain, causing countless harsh diseases…
  5. Uranium battlefield cannot be cleaned up after the war, ever;
  6. Children of uranium victims are victims of uranium too;
  7. Uranium fired as a weapon of war poisons and contaminates earth, water and air, plants, animals and humans, forever…


Free course in journalism for CNN®.

For the “mainstream”, unpunished murder of million children of Iraq – is no news.
After all, it was a crime long gone, their empires committed from 1990 to 2003, and onward (uranium never gives up).
Old crime is an old piece of news, and old news are no news at all.

Children of IRAQ

So the “mainstream” hides behind the “journalistic concept of time passing”.
Of course, that is deception.

Crime is the crime of the perpetrator (and those who ordered or aided the crime).
But the crime unpunished is the crime of entirely different level.
Crime unpunished is the crime of the whole society that refuses to punish the crime, especially of the privileged sectors and those who professionally ought to fight, oppose and prevent the crimes – police, prosecutors, politicians and political parties, journalists and the media…
Journalists and the media!
Unpunished murder of million Iraqi children by the crime of aggression, uranium crimes, genocidal sanctions, occupation and destruction of country… becomes not only crime of the armies and parliaments of the western empires, but of all the NATO/EU nations, because none of the NATO/EU nations ever demanded justice for perpetrators and victims of uranium crimes, though it is technically simple, achievable and safe to do.
NATO & EU – are becoming societies of “politically correct” genocides.
And that is the most important news of the mankind, greater and graver by each day of silence and ignoring of this colossal and obvious crime.

For 0$ course of journalism for the mainstremists – it’s worth it.


Too expensive course of the “mainstream” for the rest of us

Whether they participated or not in the propaganda campaign for the aggression of western powers against Iraq, the “mainstream” and the mainstremists will never seek justice for murderers of million Iraqi children, because that is the crime of their empires.

That is why the “mainstream” media of north-Atlantic empires, their speakers, shouters, advertisers, and silent consumers are – accomplices of murder of million Iraqi children.

Herein is the definition and the test for the “mainstream” media.

Let us ask them at every place and opportunity
– “What is your initiative that murder of million Iraqi children, killed by sanctions and uranium made in USA/UK, does not remain the crime unpunished?” – and our definition of the “mainstream” will always be confirmed, again and anew.

Answer of the “mainstream” to our question is predictable and – predicted (watch “What is the most important interview of the century”, YouTube, ), because they cannot do or be anything else.
Mainstremists cannot turn against the purpose of their existence, source and frame of their wealth and power – they cannot go against their empire.
Nevertheless, confronting them, total debate, true clashes of us and them – perpetrators and supporters of the white collared uranium murder of million Iraqi children – total debate could bring justice to the people of Iraq, could bring us freedom, and the end to the NATO imperialism.
That is why the “mainstream” keeps silent, deaf and blind about million children they have murdered.
And that is why we have to thunder about it.


How to swim against the “main stream” (stroke one – the name).

If we decide to fight the enemy, for a start, we should know who the enemy is, and his true name. Anyway, there is no point in calling the mainstremists by the name they invented for themselves, for propaganda purposes.

Halfway through genocidal sanctions, May 1996, answering monstrous question CBS journalist asked – is the price of half a million Iraqi children killed by sanctions – worth it, Madeleine Albright (US ambassador to UN at the time) answered – monstrously:

“I think it’s a hard choice, but we think, it’s worth it.“

Obama and Albright

You can do anything – behind the flag

– And policy of genocidal sanctions, uranium and aggression against Iraq…

jin jang

…yin-yang of “democrats” and “republicans” continued, with enthusiastic support, silence or false and fruitless protest of the “mainstream” media.
CBS censored “It’s worth it” interview.

For every one of the mainstremists – murder of million Iraqi children is “worth it”.
They are “It’s worth it” parties & politicians, “It’s worth it” media & journalists, or shorthand:

$media &
$ journalists,

with the meaning that should never be forgotten nor diluted – for them, murder of million Iraqi children is “worth it”, fair price they are ready to “pay” for the oil of Iraq, or at least for keeping the job and privileges by not offending the big boss – the Empire itself.
(About the true name of the “mainstream” – “What is the most important interview of the century”, YouTube, )


“Mainstream” media = $media.

Business is important for the “mainstream”, but biggest business of any empire is – imperialism itself.
Empire – first, everything else – second.
“Mainstream” media are propaganda machinery of the western imperialism. That is why the $ sign in the name of the $media stands for classical “business” and greed too, but above all it symbolizes imperialism and readiness of the mainstremists to take part in annihilating millions of children if their empires demand so.

The name – $media – is not an empty remark, but a pure and verifiable fact, definition and a criterion.
Besides, we have no objection if CNN, CBS, PBS, BBC, FOX, SKY, RTL, NBC, MSNBC… and all the mainstremists join our demand that Clinton & Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, Bush III, Albright, Kerry, McCain, Rumsfeld, Cheney and chain of choicest members of the “democrats” & “republicans” yin-yang be put to trial for uranium crimes, aggressions and genocidal sanctions they ordered.

$Media & $parties, $journalists & $politicians branded themselves with the $ sign. They can sulk and squeal, but they cannot claim they were slighted or slandered.

The “mainstream” did not earn the $ sign principally due their relation to $, but because of their views and acts against humans, innocent human beings, towards children. And this is most important. Crime of the $media against children of Iraq is colossal, obvious, proven and documented, and they cannot hide it.
(more about that: “АгораБеоград: Why was Osama Bin Laden Killed“[3],агорабеоград-why-was-osama-bin-laden-killed/ )


Who are they?
Who we are?

This crime of the mainstremists defines them, defines us, and the canyon between us.

Who are they?
For them, for the “mainstream”, murder of million Iraqi children was the price they are ready to pay for Iraqi oil. Iraqi children for Iraqi oil – “It’s worth it”.

For us this torture and killing of Iraqi children by sanctions and uranium is one of the most vicious crimes of modern history. White collar premeditation of this crime is not weakening its monstrosity.
And we cannot, must not forget nor forgive uranium crimes, just as uranium never forgives, and never forgets.
Position we take against unpunished murder of Iraqi children inevitably shapes our personal, social and cosmopolitan identity, however we choose to act or sleep.
We are tragically late, but still have a chance and duty to establish our identity firmly, clearly and honourably.
We can define us and them, and abyss between us, never so clear, and in the last, decisive moment.

If we are not sure what to do, let us see what they would prevent us from doing, at any price, and at any price, we should proceed to do just that.

“Mainstream” cannot allow citizens to choose the most important issues.
“Mainstream” cannot allow citizens decide about the most important issues.
“Mainstream” cannot allow citizens to change their behaviour accordingly.

So we are not allowed to change our behaviour, according to decisions we are not allowed to make, after a debate we are not allowed to have, with facts we are not allowed to hear, about the issues we are not allowed to choose.

We should not choose the issues.
“Mainstream” does for all of us – $media occupy our minds with epidermis, sex or sex life of the White House occupants and candidates.
That’s their choice.

We say – NO!
Million children of Iraq tortured and killed, your crime unpunished, that is the issue, as long as the crime remains unpunished.
And this choice must be ours.



If we ignore, forget or “forgive” NATO empires destruction of Iraq that went through all the stages of action and propaganda, full circle, if we pass silently by this destruction that was described, demonstrated and proved in countless books and documentaries, if, as cosmopolitans, we do not choose the issue – suffering of Iraq, if on the ground of giant and obvious (uranium) crimes committed against people and country of Iraq we refuse to decide anything or change anything in our relations to the world, then we will never gather strength in face of any other challenge to the world, to stand for the good, to rise against the evil.

Do we expect the same people who fired uranium across the planet – care for the pollution?
Do we expect the same people who were ready to murder and destroy in order to plunder and extract more oil – fight the climate change?
Do we expect the same people who caused the death of million children anywhere in the world – care for the children back home?
Do we expect them to care for anyone’s anything but their own?

Governments and parliaments, democracy and media, instead of becoming problem solving organs of these great organisms of societies, nations and humankind, would remain most powerful problem generating machines… if we continue faithfully voting to power murderers of million children & their clo(w)nes in our NATO parliaments and go on clutching to the same screens and pages of defenders of imperialism.

Weapons of today are too strong for us to survive the ethics of yesterday, to survive ethics of imperialism continue unchallenged, unchanged.


If we vote them, the mainstremists, no matter how many aggressions they commit, kilotons of uranium they fire, millions of children they murder…

Then we are societies of politically correct genocides;

Then the crimes of the “mainstream” are crimes of ours;

Then “It’s worth it” for us too.


We have to decide – who we are?

We have to decide – whereto?


Bridges between nations.

In the time of internet, like never before in history, we have a chance to build bridges between nations, to bridge over trenches “mainstream” keeps digging for us, and to share amongst ourselves the messages no walls of the “mainstream” media or politics could ever halt.

$Media buried each of the victims of north-Atlantic imperialism with mountains of propaganda, but through all of their fogs, walls and mountains we can cut through with merely two words –


There can be no morality, whatsoever, in the motives of the empires which fired uranium on their victims. And this truth we must use to free ourselves from propaganda grip of imperialist media, $media.

At the Assembly of All Students, not at the parliaments of the “chosen” ones, students of any department, of any faculty, anywhere in the world, can demand justice for the perpetrators and justice for the victims of uranium crimes committed against people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia, Republic of Srpska, and against million US soldiers.

This would be simple, easy to take but powerful step against…

Brain WASHINGton

Brain WASHINGton

…imperialist brainwash (more about that in “Students vs. URANIUM CRIMES (Students vs. Brain WASHINGton)” )


This is by no means path of enmity to the people of north-Atlantic empires, but a brotherly call, encouragement and inspiration for them to stop voting for the murderers of millions, to organize people’s movements around honourable and reasonable priorities and people to whom murder of million children and uranium crimes cannot remain invisible nor unpunished.

(What prevents us from organizing this? Why are we against our freedom? More in „What is the gravest mistake of Noam Chomsky”, YouTube, )

If our friends would not answer to the call, we will learn who they are.


If we will not speak out this challenge,
Against uranium crimes poisoning children of the world
Then we will continue floating down the mainstream…
& lower…

Because hell has its rings,
but has no end.



In the spirit of north-Atlantic democracies, “mainstream” culture feeds our conviction that we are not to decide anything important, it’s not up to us, since someone powerful, up there, thinks and chooses for us, instead of us, and because deciding and choosing about important issues overcomes our strength and money.

Of course, this is a lie.

With our silence on the subject, we have approved uranium crimes, we have consented to the whole imperialist system and countless of its evils and dangers…

So we can and we have decided.
The question is, are we going to decide to oppose the evil, for a change?


George Steiner said:
“There is something even worse than being in the train… which takes you to the end…
It’s being in the train saying – I don’t understand.”


And worse than the worst:
We don’t even know we are on the train of our annihilation…






George M. Lalich (Ђорђе М. Лалић),
Author of RadioAktiv (РадиоАктив) radio show



[1] George Bush II: “Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof — the smoking gun — that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.“

[2] Peter Bouckaert, Human Rights Watch’s emergencies director and an expert in humanitarian crises, is responsible for coordinating the organization’s response to major wars and other human rights crises. A Belgian-born Stanford Law School graduate, specializing in the laws of war, Bouckaert is a veteran of fact-finding missions to Lebanon, Kosovo, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Macedonia, Indonesia, Uganda, and Sierra Leone, among others. Most recently, Mr. Bouckaert has been in the Central African Republic, where he has conducted investigations into ethnic cleansing and war crimes committed during the current civil war.

[3] Full title: “АгораБеоград: Why Was Osama Bin Laden Killed
Why The Mainstreamists Will Never Guess/Tell – Why
& How is That a Challenge to You & 9/11 Truthseekers
[ btw What is Missing from Hillary Clinton Nomination]”


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