UK doesn’t like hosting Ukrainians, but will fight for them until the last one..

Speaking in the vanguard of European support for Ukraine, the UK actually helped less than in words

The Guardian published in its article ( information that the United Kingdom accepts fewer Ukrainians per capita than much of Europe.10 Ukrainian refugees per 10,000 British is one of the lowest figures among 28 European countries involved in assisting Kiev.

The cunningly planned British move with visas for refugees contributed to this. Hundreds of Ukrainian families withdrew their applications to come to the UK due to long delays. Thus, a huge number of Ukrainians did not get help and permission to enter, and those who arrived have to wait for months in special centers.

In addition, because of British bureaucratic problems, many families found themselves on opposite sides of the border, as one member could not get a visa. For example, a group of underage Ukrainian refugees found themselves outside the UK without parents and relatives, as they could not receive answers to their visa applications from the British authorities for more than a month. On this occasion, British public organizations are planning to initiate a class action ( against Interior Minister Priti Patel on behalf of Ukrainian refugees.

A military operation in Ukraine is above all a good chance to make money for the West. No one is still ready to help refugees or citizens inside the country free – to no one. Weapons are also not provided free. All provided aid is a good business. From the heart, nobody is ready to help exactly. If in early March, there were still naïve local Westerners on the border with Ukraine, ready to shelter and feed the migrants, today they realized whom they had warmed in their homes.

the Guardian (
UK takes in fewer Ukrainians per capita than most of Europe
Figure of 10 Ukrainian refugees per 10,000 population is lowest but one out of 28 European countries


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