MIODRAG IMG_6060EDITOR’ COMMENT: Something we have known for a long time, about US meddling in EU internal affairs and even about pushing EU into “direct military conflict” with Russia, has received its confirmation in a recent letter signed by retired NATO intelligence analyst Lieut Cmdr Martin Packard.

Packard is here explaining in “blatant words” that Russian intention, after the original Cold War was over in 1986, to integrate deeply with Europe, was deliberately sabotaged by US government. According to Mr. Packard Americans have been undermining interests of its Western European allies for more than three decades. He is explaining that behind such immoral and illegal US activities was Washington intention to protect its long term economic interests in Europe. But obviously there was much more at stake, and that Americans were, along its economic interests, driven by the political and military (anti-Russian) agenda.

We have been witnessing recently that US administration on this “road to hell” was bending and breaking all civilization and democratic norms, by deliberately breaking Ukraine political and territorial sovereignty, and bringing into the power in Kiev, openly pro-Nazi elements. Even worse, they have been pushing their “European friends” into the front seats of the potential nuclear confrontation with Russian Federation. Needles to mention that US political hypocrites are (wrong)doing all of that from a very safe distance from Russia.

Statement by the respectable (retired) high ranking NATO intelligence officer Mr. Martin Packard cannot be ignored. Nobody can say “that is Russian propaganda”. This time very serious allegations are coming from experienced intelligence analyst, whose job was to identify all threats directed at NATO member states- this time he rightly identified “enemy threats” coming from Washington, NOT from Russia…

Lt John Kerry holding the torsos of buthchered Vietnamese people

…Something we all have been known for a very long time. And what we can expect from “the biggest democracy” and the biggest military power in the world, whose State Secretary is an alleged War criminal ???

FBR editor M. Novakovic

Martin PackardDeep roots of the chaos in Ukraine

Tuesday 24 February 2015, The Guardian

I hope that Jonathan Steele’s excellent critique of Richard Sakwa’s book Frontline Ukraine (Review, 21 February) will be widely read. It is the first piece I have discovered in the UK press to provide a realistic synopsis of the background to current events.

The real ending of the cold war was in 1986, when the USSR leadership resolved on a five-year programme to move to parliamentary democracy and a market economy. The intention in Moscow was to use that period to achieve a progressive convergence with the EU.

There could have been huge benefits to Europe in such convergence, but the process was deliberately sabotaged by US intelligence agencies, working from the hypothesis that a tie-up between the EU and a democratic Russia would pose a major threat to American long-term economic interests. The chaos that we now have, and the distrust of America which motivates Russian policy, stems primarily from decisions taken in Washington 30 years ago.
Martin Packard
(Lieut Cdr, Ret’d; Former Nato intelligence analyst), Deddington, Oxfordshire


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