Kristian Kahrs against falsifying history in Kosovo


Norwegian journalist and former NATO officer ended up on the mailing list of Sonja Biserko in the Helsinki Committee, and since she has an open address list with prominent friends like Doris Peck and John Clint Williamson, Kahrs decided to send them the following greeting:

Dear Sonja Biserko

Thank you for this update. I see that you have a lot of influential people on your email list, also from my home country Norway, with a keen interest in the Balkans. I have a special relationship with Kosovo because I served as the press officer for KFOR in 2000. I was working in the international HQ in Pristina, but soon had the unpleasant experience of having to confront my own naivety and misplaced belief that we from the West and NATO were needed to teach the Balkan “barbarians” something about democracy, freedom of speech and human rights.

I have come a long way since 2000, and on March 24, 2011, I gave a public apology to the Serbian people on RTS news for the failure of us in NATO to protect Kosovo’s non-Albanians.

As keen followers of Kosovo politics, you will also have noticed the repeated mention of the figure of an alleged 20,000 rapes in Kosovo, blamed on Yugoslav security forces in 1999, but since I believe you are well informed, you will know that Human Rights Watch only documented a total of 96 rapes there in the whole of 1998 and 1999. In my article Fighting inflated Kosovo rape figures, I challenge inaccurate reporting by the Guardian’s Mark Tran and Dr. Frances Trix, professor of linguistics and anthropology at Indiana University.

On my website, you can also see that I have confronted Norwegian researcher Josef Martinsen for actively falsifying history in Kosovo through his completely misleading figures of who died and why. I have cross-checked Martinsen’s figures against other lists and against the excellent databases of the Humanitarian Law Center led by Nataša Kandić, and unfortunately, I have to characterize his work as an active lie because he is unwilling to correct his data, despite my several warnings. Read more in my article Kosovo war fantasies of Josef Martinsen… debunked! I hope my research will be of interest to, for instance, John Clint Williamson and others.

I have tried to get good answers from Kjell Magne Bondevik, who was the Norwegian prime minister in 1999. I have asked Bondevik, an ordained Lutheran minister, about why he went to war against Yugoslavia, but it seems easier for him to speak about his Christian values than to practice them. Read my interview with him, and if you understand Norwegian, you can also listen to it.

So, what shall we do to avoid wars led by NATO and other forces of “democracy” under the pretense of R2P? How shall we avoid Western warmongers leading us to war, calling it humanitarian intervention, when their wars are much more issues of protecting their national interests, rather than human rights?

My answer is to get involved in politics. At the moment, I am the head of information for the Democrats of Norway, a national conservative party in the proud tradition of the Danish People’s Party, the Swedish Democrats, UKIP, Front National, Austria’s Freedom Party and others. At our party convention in February next year, I will be a candidate to become the leader of the Democrats, and I am sure that we can copy the successes of other national conservative parties in Europe. I think we have a good chance of making a big impact in the Norwegian parliamentary elections in 2017.

By the way, all of my articles are open to comments regardless of whether you agree or disagree with me.


Kristian Kahrs


Candidate for the Norwegian parliament in 2017, Director of Information for the Democrats of Norway

Norwegian ip phone: +47 72 60 12 83
Norwegian mobile: +47 93 00 25 22
Serbian mobile: +381 628 406 604 (friends or follow) (like)


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