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Bloody St Peter Day in Bratunac- After Srebrenica’ Muslims beheaded young Serb they played soccer with his head

The villages Jezestica and Silkovci were attacked on August 8th 1992, when nine Serbian residents were brutally massacred, including mother Savka Mladenovic and her two sons. Her son Andjelko was beheaded, and his decapitated head was taken to Srebrenica where Bosnian Muslims played the soccer with it… The bloody St. Peter day in Bratunac: Andjelko was beheaded by the Muslims

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Shocking admission by former UN judge in Kosovo- US government was training and protecting Albanian terrorists

“Based on DNA evidence at the scene it was determined that one of the potential culprits was Florim Ejupi. I asked that he and three other former KLA members be taken to UN detention. However, they were transferred to US camp Bondsteel, into the supposedly safest place in Kosovo, from where the Ejupi escaped,”. It later emerged that Ejupi had been trained by the CIA, said the Swedish judge..

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The REAL Srebrenica “Genocide” – NOT reported by controlled media!

Originally posted on Serbian FBR in foreign languages…:
Source: Дан ветерана Видовдан 25. 09. 2012. The Real Bosnian Genocide posted by Peter Robert North August 2006 The REAL Srebrenica “Genocide” NOT reported by the corrupt, racist pro-Islamist Nazi Western corporate controlled media, was the brutal mass murder – using axes, knives, daggers, sledgehammers, iron bars, flamethrowers and explosives – of…

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20 years ago today `The Barbarians from Brussels` executed the most savage bombing over Civilian targets in Serbia – VIDEO

May 7th- NATO sprayed the downton core of the second largest Serbian city with CLUSTER BOMBS- Destroyed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade- Killing and maiming dozens of innocent people… 16 people were murdered, 70 wounded, when NATO air force dropped the cluster bombs over Serbian city of Nis. During the missile attack on Chinese embassy in Belgrade three Chinese nationals

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SERBIAN HIROSHIMA: The Village of the Dead- Place NATO deemed a `Legitimate Target` because of TV transmitter

…After the bombing the local Crisis Command Center sent over there the eight utility workers, who spent 20 days cordoning off the radioactive area. Soon they got skin blisters all over the body, and seven of them later died from the cancer. And nobody is responsible? My daughter and son in law died from the cancer too, and the officials

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Twenty years ago NATO launched illegal war against Serbia under false pretext- killing & maiming thousands civilians – VIDEO

EDITORIAL- On March 24th 1999, US and NATO alliance started the biggest and most barbaric bombing campaign in post-WWII Europe, against Serbia and Monte Negro (then Yugoslavia). This illegal war (in violation of UN Charter and even NATO own Statute) was launched under the false pretext (US staged “massacre” in Kosovo village Racak) and conducted relentlessly for 78 days. Superior

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BOSNIAN AUSCHWITZ- `Genocide` the West doesn’t want you to know about: They were burning Serbs alive!!!

Serbs were burned alive in Zenica Ironworks furnaces– ‘‘ Significant Number of Serbian inmates, who were held in the Penitentiary Zenica by Bosnian Muslim forces, were burned in blast furnaces  of Zenica Ironworks,” – Mirsad Kebo, Vice President of the B/H Federation  Bosnia: Serbs were burned alive in Zenica Ironworks furnaces March 8, 2019 Grey Carter Sarajevo – “ A significant number of Serbian

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WWII Croatian Genocide over Serbs & Jews wouldn’t be possible at such grandiose scale without active support of Catholic Church

“`Miroslav Filipović (5 June 1915 – 1946), also known as Tomislav Filipović and Tomislav Filipović-Majstorović, was a Bosnian Croat Franciscan friar and Ustashe military chaplain that participated in atrocities during World War II in Yugoslavia.[1] Convicted as a war criminal in a Yugoslav civil court, he was executed by hanging in 1946. For the duration of the war, the Vatican

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NEW RESEARCH- Prof Greif: In Croatian WWII Nazi Camp `Jasenovac` at least 800,000 Serbs were murdered

“Because of the revealed cruelty, sadism… the findings were shocking! The chain of concentration camps know as “Jasenovac” was spread on 46 square kilometers, and it was 6 times bigger than Auschwitz- in fact it was a depiction of unimaginable cruelty. The Jasenovac’ crew of Croatian Ustasha was taking sadistic pleasure in own cruelty- they found a joy in the

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