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Canadian general Mackenzie: Western bombardment of Yugoslavia and recognition of Kosovo was madness!

Lewis Wharton MacKenzie CM, MSC, OOnt, CD (born 30 April 1940) is a Canadian retired general, author and media commentator. MacKenzie is known for establishing and commanding Sector Sarajevo as part of the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) in the former Yugoslavia in 1992. He was later a vocal opponent of NATO’s involvement in the Kosovo War. In the 1997

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Is the U.S. No Longer Funding the White Helmets?

Just hours after releasing our investigation into who’s funding the White Helmets, the news broke—the State Department has ceased funding the controversial group. But is that true? What funding has been cut? This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else. It was just hours after releasing our last Reality Check on the White Helmets that the news broke—reports

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No justice for Christians in NATO occupied Kosovo: In 2003 Albanian extremists shot 6 Serbian teens- Killers were never found

16 YEARS HAS PASSED SINCE THE HORRIFIC ALBANIAN CRIME IN GORAZDEVAC : Two Serbian children were killed, while four others were wounded! The tragic anniversary is marked by the Christian Prayers in their home village and in Belgrade… Serbian Daily Paper “Kurir” (FBR translation) 13.08.2019. 01:06h  During the commission of this horrific crime, (motivated by the ethnic & religious hatred)

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Bosnian leader: Srebrenica was “arranged genocide” between US president Clinton and Bosnian president Izetbegovic

 “If I was in a position to try Naser Oric (Srebrenica’ Muslim Commander) in International Crime Tribunal in Hague for the crimes against Serbs, I would sentence him at least to 20 years of imprisonment. But for the crimes he committed against own Muslim people I would send him to jail for at least 200,000 years. He is the most

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“Democratic Sieg Heil”- Why the West is tolerating (& “cultivating”) Nazi culture in some Eastern European countries?

WHEN PRESENT (AND PROSPECTIVE) “NATO ALLIES” LOOK MORE LIKE “NAZI ALLIES”: Ukrainian mayor posed in Nazi uniform as “Hitler’ Officer” giving the “Seig Heil” salute… 02:03 04.05.2019. ..HE RAISED THE RIGHT HAND FOR NAZI SALUTE WHILE HOLDING IN THE LEFT ONE THE GERMAN WWII “SCHMEISSER” UKRAINE is, together with Croatia, Estonia and Latvia, the only country in Europe, where

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Sri Lanka massacre & politically-correct madness: Word “Christian” censored by Western MSM and politicians?

EDITORIAL> There is visible discrepancy, not only in the Western self-imposed censorship when comes to the use of words “Christian & Christianity”, but in a lack of coverage of this terrible massacre of Sri Lanka Christians (300 hundred dead- hundreds maimed), in relation to the similar (and much smaller- 50 dead, dozens maimed) massacre of New Zealand Muslims in Christchurch.

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A Prince’s Golden Opportunity: Serbian royal hires US lobbyists to claim family riches

Originally posted on Adara Press:
? The Heir to the Serbian throne, Crown Prince Alexander, wants Washington to pay him the  riches he says are owed him.  Apparently, it’s a lot.  Thus, he has sought the help of influential lobbyists in the United States. According to OpenSecrets, $20,000 was paid on the prince’s behalf by J.J. Cafaro Investment Trust LLC of Youngstown, Ohio…

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AMERICAN EXPERT Jared Israel: Serbs are victims of shameful conspiracy with dead bodies

American intellectual and author from Boston Jared Israel says the so-called massacre in Racak was a show which was used to make a decision on bombing of Serbia, whose end goal was for self-declared Kosovo to get independence.   “Apart from the verifier William Walker, a huge role in justifying the shameful bombing of a sovereign country was played by

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GERMÁN GORRAIZ LÓPEZ: Towards the militarization of the Arctic?

Towards the militarization of the Arctic? According to an analysis of the Odnako website columnist, Alexander Gorbenko. “the north shipping route (that joins the Atlantic and the Pacific along the Russian coast), is considered as an alternative to the Suez and Panama canals, and could become in the near future one of the most important commercial corridors in the world.”

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